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Recipes To Add to Your Christmas Menu

Recipes to Add to Your Christmas Menu

It’s time to start putting together a game plan for my Christmas dinner. Boy, this year has gone by quickly. If you’re also in the planning stage and looking for main meal recipes to add to your Christmas menu, check out these Blue Ribbons.

I’m still unsure if I’ll make a prime rib or a ham. Regardless of what I choose, these two recipes will make a delicious centerpiece.

Larinda Cook’s (Priest River, ID) Prime Rib Seasoning will add tons of flavor to the beef.

“This is definitely a gourmet restaurant-quality recipe,” reveals Larinda. “I have been told by everyone that has tried my prime rib that it is the very best they have ever had.”

The seasoning creates a nice crust during the cooking process. Between the spices and the onions, the au jus sauce for dipping is wonderful. A fantastic way to prepare a holiday prime rib.

If I go with baked ham, Carrie Busick’s (Bloomington, IL) shared her mother-in-law’s Delish Ham Glaze I may use.

This sticky brown sugar tangy glaze will make your holiday ham shine. It infuses a tangy sweetness into the ham as it bakes and melts into the drippings to create a yummy gravy.

For those not into green bean casserole, Becky Hallstrom’s (Edmond, OK) Green Beans With Cream Cheese Sauce is a way to elevate green beans for a holiday.

“Here’s a low-carb recipe for green beans that is easy and elegant,” shares Becky.

Being low-carb is a bonus in this side dish. Made with pantry ingredients, and in one pan, it can be whipped up very fast. They’re creamy, savory, and sweet all at the same time.

Mashed potatoes are always on my holiday table. The simple addition of sour cream Judy Sprague (Florence, KY) adds to her Creamy Mashed Potatoes elevates this dish.

“This is a quick easy recipe that enhances any meal,” says Judy.

The potatoes are run through a ricer making them smooth and creamy. Then add heavy cream and butter, and they become velvety smooth. This method allows you to make these mashed potatoes ahead of time and pop them in the oven right before serving.

Candied Yams (sweet potatoes) are a must for the holidays,” thinks Fannie McCoy (Rusk, TX). “Gotta love that country cooking!”

I love that Fannie’s recipe uses fresh sweet potatoes. Once baked, they are dripping in a buttery brown sugar sauce filled with cinnamon flavor. I can seriously eat spoonfuls of the sauce.

Minus the mains, these side dishes are great recipes to add to your Christmas menu if you’re looking for something economical. Next week, I’ll be sharing easy Christmas desserts that will be a sweet ending to the day. Happy Pinching!