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Sweeten the Holidays With Christmas Cookies

Sweeten the Holidays With Christmas Cookies

I love to sweeten the holidays with Christmas cookies. If friends stop by, I can put a plate out for nibbling. When heading to a party, I can put some in a box for a hostess gift. And, if there are any extras, I know Santa will finish them off.

“This is my mother-in-law’s German version of Linzer Christmas Cookies,” reveals Sheila M (Casa Grande, AZ). “She says they are best filled with currant jelly but it is hard to find. Otherwise, she uses apricot.”

This dough makes the most perfect German Linzer cookies. The cookie itself is thin, crisp, and buttery. I was able to find currant jelly and love the tart jam with the buttery cookie. A dusting of powdered sugar makes these classic and delicious.

Another handed-down recipe is Nancy A.’s delicious Grandma Lu’s Vanilla Anisette Christmas Cookies.

“Growing up in an Italian family, our kitchen was always filled with family, food, and fun,” reminisces Nancy. “The kitchen was filled with incredible aromas and every inch of space was filled with spectacular desserts. My favorite cookies were my grandmother’s vanilla anisette which I would help her make every year.”

The entire cookie is a beautiful balance of vanilla and anisette. Buttery and soft, this cookie is not overly sweet. Drizzling a super sweet sugary glaze over the cookie adds sweetness and a classic anisette flavor.

Cutout cookies are a favorite at Christmas. Nancy Maiorana’s (Basye, VA) Christmas Vanilla Butter Cutouts are a simple recipe your family will love.

“I have been using this recipe for my Christmas cookies for over 20 years,” explains Nancy. “They are so yummy with lots of vanilla flavor.”

If you want a recipe that kids can help with, give these cookies a try. After being chilled, kids can use their favorite cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Once baked, they have a delicious buttery vanilla flavor. Very simple to prepare, they’re tasty on their own. But, I suggest having fun and decorating them.

“My Aunt Bea loved them,” says Elizabeth Lancaster (Naples, TX) of the Festive Ginger Molasses Cookies recipe she shared. “I hope these find their way to your next Christmas get-together.”

Soft and chewy, these molasses cookies are yummy and adorable. They taste like gingerbread but not as strongly spiced. The white chocolate dip complements the ginger and spices perfectly. Sprinkles make this cookie very festive.

“One of my favorite things at Christmastime is homemade hot chocolate with a candy cane and lots of marshmallows,” shares Tammy Brownlow (Dallas, TX). “This cookie has the flavor of a perfect cup of cocoa with peppermint and a gooey marshmallow center.”

I love the intense chocolate and mint flavors in Tammy’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies. It really is like hot chocolate in a soft cookie form. I highly recommend enjoying them warm out of the oven while the marshmallows are at their prime gooeyness.

Christmas cookies are festive, delicious, and an easy holiday dessert to have on hand. What I’ve shared is just a sample of what I love to make. You can even more Christmas cookie recipes in this collection. Happy baking and happy pinching!