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Delicious Pool Day Munchies

Delicious Pool Day Munchies

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a pool at your house, going to a friend’s pool, or just wading in a kiddie pool, delicious pool day munchies are a must. So this week, I’m sharing five Blue Ribbon recipes that will make your pool day a success.

Black-eye pea dip has been around for a while. But, I love the twist Andy Rubini (Plantation, FL) adds to her Black-Eyed Peas Dip.

“This black-eyed peas dip is a family favorite,” shares Andy. “Great for entertaining guests!”

Chopped green, red, and yellow bell pepper, along with cilantro, gives the dip a very fresh flavor. Using balsamic vinegar makes this feel a little fancy. The longer this sits, the better it gets so it’s a fantastic make-ahead recipe.

If you love Greek flavors, then try Linnette Lucas’ Greek Pico De Gallo.

“This appetizer was inspired from the Ladopsomo I remember having at Athens Pizzeria in Panama City, Panama,” reveals Linnette.

The tomatoes, onions, and cucumber provide fresh flavor, while the olives and feta add a bit of saltiness. Definitely not your average pico.

This can be served with store-bought pita chips, but I highly recommend using fresh pita bread as Linnette suggests. Broiling it produces a pita that is crunchy on one side, yet pillowy soft on the other.

“While visiting our relatives, our brother-in-law had us try this wonderful fresh salsa he made using fresh vegetables from his garden,” explains Valeree Dunbar (Sparta, MI). “It was so light and fresh tasting and we couldn’t get enough of it.”

I know I was very happy to try her Brother Ron’s Fresh Marinated Summer Salsa recipe. It’s an easy, fresh salsa that’s full of finely chopped summer veggies.

Using cucumber as a base makes it like a cucumber salad with a salsa flare. If you have any leftovers after snacking, this salsa will be delicious over grilled chicken for dinner.

Another cucumber-based recipe is Carol Davis’ (Silver City, NM) Chopped Caprese Salad With Cucumbers.

“This is a light and delicious salad,” says Carol. “Perfect for warm summer days.”

I love Caprese salad in the summer when tomatoes are at their juiciest and basil is bursting. This salad adds cucumber for a fresh twist and a little crunch. The tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic add a touch of tang.

Wash down the snacks with Tara Pacheco’s (Fall River, MA) Blueberry Hibiscus Sangria.

“This is a light, crisp, refreshing beverage – perfect for summertime,” thinks Tara.

I loved the tart flavor hibiscus tea gives the cocktail. With the blueberry juice not being overly sweet, it’s a great complement to the sweeter riesling. A refreshing twist on sangria.

The key to delicious pool day munchies is to keep things on the lighter side and filled with fresh ingredients. If you try one of these snacks, make sure to share your thoughts. Happy Pinching!