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Simple Grilled Dinner Menu

Simple Grilled Dinner Menu

In my part of the country, it’s hot. Very hot. For weeks, we’ve been above 90 degrees. While I’m lucky enough to have air conditioning, I still get to a point where I don’t want to turn on my oven. That’s when I fire up the grill. I’ve put together a grilled dinner menu where the entire meal can be prepared on my grill.

Burgers are a summer staple. Helene Mulvihill (Magnolia, TX) shared her Grilled Pico Burgers that kick things up a notch.

“We have a lot of fresh vegetables growing in our garden, and we’re enjoying coming up with new ways to eat them,” shares Helene. “This was something we came up with after having leftover pico from fajitas.”

For those that like food with Mexican flavor, these burgers are for you. They’re packed with flavor. The patties are filled with pico de gallo veggies and spices that help to keep the meat moist.

This is unique and I loved the bits of avocado and sour cream. They tone the heat down a bit. Top with salsa and you have a gourmet burger prepared at home.

Another Mexican-inspired meal is Joann Gough-Stallbaumer’s (Lenexa, KS) Grilled Steak and Veggie Tacos.

“Flat iron steak has become my favorite versatile cut of beef,” reveals Joann. “It cooks quickly and has the rich flavor of more expensive steaks. The grilled vegetables and cheese make this taco irresistible!”

Nearly every element of these steak tacos are grilled. The steak is tender, hearty, and full of flavor from the marinade. It’s a wonderful complement to the caramelized red onion and tangy grilled tomatillos.

Crumbled queso fresco and sliced avocado add a bit of creaminess to every bite. You and your family will not be able to eat just one.

If you have chicken breasts you need to use, pump up their flavor with Amy Jajliardo’s (Mt. Vernon, ME) Apricot Barbecue Sauce For Grilling.

“My husband requested barbecued chicken on the grill for dinner,” says Amy. “Since I didn’t have any store-bought barbecue sauce, we played around with some ingredients and came up with this delicious sauce that was perfect for the chicken.”

The sweet taste of this BBQ sauce will be a great addition to your meal. It’s made with only six ingredients and you probably have them handy. Using a taco seasoning pack is a great shortcut because it adds a ton of seasonings without having to have them all in your spice cabinet.

I originally tried this on a Cornish hen, but since then I’ve used it on chicken breasts, thighs, and even grilled chicken wings.

For a side, try Sherri Williams’ (Crestview, FL) Grilled Squash With Balsamic Drizzle.

“I love all types of squash and I love to grill,” shares Sherri. “The balsamic reduction adds just the right tanginess.”

This summertime summer side dish is easy to make and so tasty. Grilling the summer squash and zucchini adds a slightly smoky flavor.

The balsamic sauce, though, gives them a sweet and tart punch of flavor. It’s a delicious way to jazz up zucchini and squash.

Let’s not skip dessert! Christa Arwood (Harriman, TN) has a delicious Grilled Pineapple Pound Cake that’s perfect for warmer weather.

“My sister cannot get enough of this,” explains Crista. “Anytime I am grilling you better believe she is asking if I am making this for dessert.”

Grilling brings out the sweetness of the pineapple and adds a bit of smoky flavor. The brown sugar caramelizes on the pineapple and is so yummy. It’s effortless and delicious.

If your weather has also been unbearable, try this grilled dinner menu one night this week. These Blue Ribbon recipes are flavorful and perfect for summer. Happy Pinching!