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Recipes for a Special Sunday Brunch

Brunch Apple puff pancake

Brunch is one of my favorite things. I love to meet friends at our favorite restaurant and catch up over a meal and mimosas. But, heading to my favorite restaurant takes a little more planning these days. Thankfully, hosting brunch at home is easy and just as tasty.

Omelets are a delicious brunch option but can be fussy to prepare. Debra Hughes’ (Spokane, WA) Brunch or Lunch Baby Omelet Muffins let you enjoy the yumminess of an omelet without the work.

“[These are] great for light meals, to-go meals, kid’s sleepovers, or packed in hubby’s lunch pail,” says Debra. Besides being adorable, they’re quite tasty.

I opted for sausage which added a punch of flavor to the eggs. Red and green peppers added a pop of sweetness. You can customize the ingredients based on your taste buds.

Another egg option is Tonna Canfield’s (Ashland, KY) Breakfast Casserole. One bite and you won’t be disappointed.

“This is delicious and so quick and easy,” shares Tonna. “Even though it is a breakfast casserole, we like to have it for dinner sometimes.”

Quick and easy, this breakfast casserole is cheesy and filled with delicious smoky bacon flavor. This was gobbled up very fast in the Test Kitchen. Serve with fresh fruit and you have the easiest meal.

Sea Sun’s (West Des Moines, IA) French Toast Souffle is a great option because it’s prepped the night before. If you’re hosting an early brunch, all you need to do is pop this in the oven before guests arrive.

“This light and fluffy version of french toast is delicious and simple,” reveals Sea. “I use bread leftover from dinner, so it’s easy to prepare.” After you try this recipe for the first time, you’ll find reasons to make this french toast souffle.

Rich and custardy, it’s perfectly sweet and spiced. You don’t need syrup because the brown sugar mixture makes this sweet enough. It can be topped with fruit and a bit of whipped cream or eaten as-is out of the oven. It’s so good!

If pancakes are your preference, try Lilli A.’s (Coral Springs, FL) Apple Puff Pancake. “My girlfriends often request this when it’s my turn to bring breakfast,” shares Lilli.

In the Test Kitchen, we love puff pancakes. They have the flavor of pancakes but you’re not standing over the stove preparing them one by one.

Lilli’s addition of apples, raisins, and nuts brings this pancake to another level. Nuts added a crunchy texture that complemented the sweet and tart apples and raisins. Make this deliciously easy recipe and impress your family.

Now, if you don’t feel like doing any cooking bagels, croissants, biscuits, and muffins from the store are a fantastic brunch option. It lets everyone graze on what they’d prefer. But you can still make those special by serving Lisa Johnson’s (Macon, GA) Flavored  Brunch Spreads.

“My family loves these spreads,” explains Lisa. “You can spread on toast, muffins, waffles, pancakes, and biscuits.”

Lisa’s strawberry spread is slightly sweet and filled with strawberry flavor. I love anything apple, so her apple cinnamon spread I really enjoyed. I spread it on a waffle, but it will be delicious on any type of bread.

The spreads are made with three-four ingredients. So, they can be whipped up in a snap when you want to add a little something special to breakfast.

Whether hosting a brunch for friends or just want to put out a special spread for your family this weekend (Mother’s Day is this Sunday), any of these Blue Ribbon brunch recipes will be a tasty way to start the day. When you brunch, what’s your favorite thing to eat? Share below and Happy Pinching!