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Fresh Garlic Recipes Every Garlic Lover Needs

Cheesy Garlic Stuffed Chicken

Over the years I’ve learned people have strong opinions about fresh garlic. Either someone loves it and can’t get enough or they hold the garlic when a recipe calls for it. Personally, I’m team garlic. I love that it can enhance an assortment of recipes. For those garlic lovers, this Janet’s Notebook is for you.

Wondering what to do with lots of garlic? Make Jodie Scales’ (Spokane, WA) Roasted Garlic Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus. It calls for 8-10 cloves!

“I fell in love with hummus when I worked at the farmer’s markets in California,” explains Jodie. “I would get flatbread, hummus, tomatoes, and avocados and make a meal of it.”

I especially loved the roasted garlic and cilantro in this hummus. Roasting garlic makes it a bit easier to digest and caramelizes the sugar. The result is creamy garlic that’s sweeter with a milder flavor.

It’s definitely not your traditional hummus. The flavors pack a punch and make you want to go back for more (and more). Serve with crackers or fresh veggies for a yummy snack.

“Everyone I have made this for absolutely loves it,” says Christina Obrien of her Cheesy Garlic Stuffed Chicken recipe. “So many flavors and just the right amount of juiciness for this chicken dish.”

Even picky eaters are going to love this stuffed chicken recipe. The combination of cheese is very savory and flavorful. There’s just enough fresh garlic to add a pop of flavor but not be overpowering.

Rolling the chicken in melted butter, then coating with bread crumbs, crisps up when baked and helps to keep the chicken breasts juicy. This will be a big hit with your family.

Take garlic bread to a whole new level with Candi Hummer’s (Silver Springs, NV) 3 Cheese Garlic Braid.

“Something I came up with to use up an ample amount of cheese we have on hand and has become a family favorite,” reveals Candi. This cheesy garlic bread is divine.

The cheesy center inside the soft warm bread is drenched in melted garlic butter. Outside has the perfect crusty texture. Yum!

We’re coming into the season where fresh vegetables are readily available. Two side dishes that are great for warmer weather – and have fresh garlic – are Shannon Hinkle’s (Tucson, AZ) Roasted Corn With Garlic and Olive Oil and Tina Inzer’s (Jonesboro, AR) Roasted Garlic Zucchini and Squash.

“My husband is a corn lover and he LOVES it when I make him this,” shares Tina. “This corn is super yummy!”

This is a very easy way to prepare corn that’s packed in flavor. The garlicky olive oil and butter soak into the fresh corn while it roasts. Your family won’t need to butter their corn when done. Make sure to have extra napkins handy.

Shannon’s quick and easy side dish is going to be amazing with grilled chicken or hamburgers this summer.

“A delicious way to use up all the extra zucchini and squash you have during the summer months,” thinks Shannon. “Quick to prepare, and a light side to go with those grilled meals.”

The combination of flavors from the garlic, basil, and cheese blend nicely with the roasted zucchini and squash. Crushed red pepper adds a nice little kick of spice. This is going to become a requested side dish.

Put your Pinch button to good use and save these fresh garlic recipes to your Recipe Box. Garlic flavor shines bright in each of them and they’re all delicious. Happy Pinching!