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Treat Yourself to Homemade Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

When is it acceptable to have cake for breakfast? When you serve coffee cake! It’s one of my favorite treats to make for a weekend morning. Any leftovers make a great snack. If you’re hankering for something sweet, try one of these coffee cake recipes.

“Everyone will want to be your BFF when you serve this blueberry sour cream coffee cake,” jokes Laurie Lenartowicz (Livingston, TN). “It’s my go-to recipe when visiting a friend or neighbor.”

Laurie’s Blueberry BFF Coffee Cake is really moist. Not overly sweet, it has just the right amount of sugar and will go perfectly with a cup of coffee. I really liked the blueberries in this recipe but you can substitute your favorite berry too.

If you love cinnamon and apples, then Mary Gonzalez’s (Livermore, CA) Apple Spice Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake is for you. It smells heavenly while baking.

“I love a lot of swirl in my coffee cake, so I tested this one and it’s a keeper,” shares Mary.

Starting with a spiced cake mix and apple muffin mix makes this easy to prepare and is a yummy flavor combination. Every bite is full of cinnamon and apples.

Like most coffee cakes, this is dense but moist. I would encourage you to add the optional icing. The overall cake isn’t sweet and the icing is a tasty final touch.

“I wanted a quick and easy coffee cake as I was sick of the ones sold in the stores,” explains Donna Woodford (Onalaska, WI). “So I decided to make one for myself and was very pleased with the results.”

Donna came up with an Easy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Coffee Cake that’s delicious. It was a big hit in the kitchen.

Part of the topping is swirled and mixed into the batter which carries all the brown sugar goodness throughout the cake. The maple glaze is so good. I opted to add macadamia nuts along with pecans to the topping which added a nice crunch to the cake.

Oh, and it smells just wonderful while cooking. Kind of like cinnamon rolls and that is not a bad thing.

Beth M. and Cindy Smith Bryson both shared their recipes for a sour cream coffee cake. While they have similar names, the flavor profiles are completely different.

Cindy’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake “Surprise” is quite a surprise. There’s a cinnamon/coffee/chocolate layer hidden in the middle.

“Today I decided to surprise my hubs with some new ingredients in his favorite sour cream coffee cake,” reveals Cindy. “He has been craving something chocolate and lives for coffee. I love cinnamon with both chocolate and coffee, thus the ‘surprise’!”

Now, Cindy says you can leave out the chocolate ribbon but I would highly advise against that. It’s what sets this recipe apart from others.

Cindy also coats the cake pan in a nut meal. It gives the coffee cake a hint of nutty flavor and adds a nice texture to the crust.

“For many years this has been one of my favorite coffee cakes because it is made with the finest ingredients: butter, sour cream, fresh eggs, vanilla and cinnamon, and walnuts,” says Beth. “The aroma fills my house with a luscious scent.”

Pair Beth’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake – My Favorite with a steamy cup of coffee for a perfectly sweet treat.

We loved this old-fashioned coffee cake recipe. It’s made with simple ingredients and is delicious.

The cake is tender and moist with a ribbon of cinnamon filling that runs in the middle of the cake. A bit of the cinnamon mixture is sprinkled on top, too, which adds just enough sweetness.

Brew a pot of coffee or heat the kettle, because you’re going to want to make these Blue Ribbon coffee cake recipes. They’re so good, you may not be able to wait until the weekend. Happy Pinching!