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Healthier Meal Ideas for the New Year (That Taste Good)

healthy baked salmon

It’s nearly January which means I try to reset my eating habits. I thoroughly enjoyed all the Christmas goodies (and I probably enjoyed sweets, in general, a little more in 2020). Just because I’m making it a goal to eat healthier, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy delicious recipes.

Cara Noyes (Newark, OH) Veggie Frittata is an easy breakfast option. I love the flavor and freshness of her frittata.

Chopped mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, and tomatoes are combined with egg whites. Parmesan cheese adds a bit of saltiness to the dish. Ground flax meal is hidden inside which helps with digestive health. Easy to make, prepare this for breakfast and everyone will be impressed with your cooking ability.

If you’re a fan of the Paleo way of eating, then Victoria Meyers’ Paleo Wow Coconut Bread recipe is for you.

“I have started making my own coconut milk at home and if you do this you know, I am now generating a LOT of coconut flour to be used,” explains Victoria. “Since coconut flour is expensive, I haven’t used a lot of it in my recipes before. This recipe comes from searching out more ways to use coconut flour.”

Victoria’s coconut bread has a nutty, natural flavor to it. In the Test Kitchen, we added the optional coconut and raw sugar which forms a slight crust on top (but doesn’t add sweetness to the recipe).

This could be eaten as a meal or a snack. Serve it with natural nut butter, banana slices, almonds, and honey for a delicious snack. This would be a great base for avocado toast too.

“I developed this recipe to use ingredients that I usually have on hand,” revealed Elaine Douglas. “It is very flexible.”

There’s nothing better than a bowl of hearty soup on a cold day and Elaine’s Easy Low Carb Chicken and Mushroom Stew has so much great flavor.

She uses chicken thighs in this recipe which stay moist. Peas add a pop of sweetness. Don’t let the hot sauce scare you off. That just brightens the flavors of the soup but does not add heat. A bowl of this is guaranteed to warm you (and fill you) up.

“Quick and delish” is how Anne Hasselbrack (Crofton, MD) describes her Shrimp Fajitas for Two.

These shrimp fajitas are seasoned to perfection and just the right amount for two people. I love the combination of seasoning… slightly sweet and savory with a little spice. A great recipe for a beginner cook looking to treat someone special to an amazing dinner.

“My husband loved it when I made this no-fail version of baked salmon,” shares Marlene B (Camano Island, WA). “We have a Meyer lemon tree but you can use regular lemons. I am not a lover of salmon but I did love this.”

I do love salmon and this Easy Baked Salmon in Foil is a hit to me. If you’re looking to incorporate fish into your weekly menu, definitely give this recipe a try.

It’s a super easy and tasty way to prepare salmon. Light and fresh with garlic and lemon, the marinade has a Mediterranean flair. A perfect complement to the mild fish. Besides being delicious, clean up is a breeze since you’re baking this in foil. One less dish to dirty.

Adjusting eating habits does not mean boring food. These five Blue Ribbon recipes are healthier, delicious, and very satisfying. If you’re looking to eat a little healthier too, check out our Healthier Fare recipe collection. Happy Pinching!