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Recipes for a Smaller Memorial Day Barbecue

Memorial Day Grilled Chicken

This year’s Memorial Day is going to look a little different than last year. Usually, I’m heading to a cookout in my neighborhood or a party with friends. This year, I’ll be spending it at home. But, that’s no reason why I can’t prepare a barbecue at my place.

“Something a little different than BBQ sauce for your chicken,” is how Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello (Benton, PA) describes her Ciao Bella Balsamic Grilled Chicken. “I came up with this recipe because I wanted something I could marinate the day before or the morning of the day I would be grilling.”

This easy balsamic marinade makes for some deliciously moist and tender grilled chicken. Slightly tangy, it has a mild flavor and doesn’t overpower the chicken. The recipe calls for chicken breasts, but chicken thighs can easily be substituted if you have those in the freezer.

Mother Nature does not always cooperate on Memorial Day. If it rains and I have to cook indoors, Elizabeth Lancaster’s (Naples, TX) Mexi Dogs are super tasty.

“When I was newly married my husband had introduced me to an amazing cook, she was from Mexico and taught me to make these,” reveals Elizabeth. “At first, I wasn’t so sure about trying these, but am I glad I did and you will too.”

Elizabeth fries the hot dogs which creates a super crisp casing. I loved the bite frying gives the hot dogs. Topped with onions, tomatoes, and cilantro add a fun Mexican flair.

To me, it’s not a barbecue (even if it’s a small gathering) without potato salad or macaroni salad. Since I’m not serving a crowd I won’t make both, but here are two I’m considering.

“My mom started making this Eggless Potato Salad when my sister and I were kids for every potluck dinner we went to and people love it,” explains Misty Mosley (Redding, CA). “It’s great for those people who are allergic to eggs.”

This potato salad is packed with flavor. I loved the addition of sour cream to the dressing. It makes it light and creamy. Dijon mustard and horseradish pack a punch of flavor. If you don’t like hard-boiled eggs in your potato salad, give this full-flavored recipe a try.

Judy Williams’ Macaroni Dill Salad is going to be a hit with your family. “Adults usually like it more than kids because of the olives,” thinks Judy.

Personally, I like the bit of saltiness from the green olives. Miracle Whip is used for the dressing and makes the sauce slightly sweet (which balances out the salt). The mix of flavors in this unusual macaroni salad is amazing.

Dessert is always on the menu and I’ll keep it easy by making Jennifer Segreti’s (Venice, FL) Nutella Brownies.

“I LOVE Nutella spread with a passion,” shares Jennifer. “These brownies are an awesome way to use it!”

Hazelnut spread and fudgy brownies are a match made in heaven! The brownie forms a nice sugary crust on the outside, but the inside stays warm and gooey. These fudgy brownies are rich and decadent.

I may not be able to gather in a large group but that will not stop me from celebrating the unofficial beginning to summer. If you’re altering your Memorial Day plans too, share what recipes you’ll be preparing below. Happy Pinching!