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Recipes to Reinvent Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Peach Preserves and Tart Cherry Mash Potato Cake

Once Easter is done I hate to get rid of leftovers – especially now since I am trying to use all the food I have. Besides being tasty, mashed potatoes make great leftovers because you can reinvent them. These Blue Ribbon recipes turn leftover mashed potatoes into something quite tasty.

“This recipe is great if you have leftover mashed potatoes,” thinks Heather Isom (Santa Maria, CA) of her Mashed Potato Doughnuts. “It seems odd but it tastes great.”

Heather’s doughnuts are remarkably light. It’s a really easy recipe that uses pantry ingredients. Top with a glaze or sprinkle with cinnamon sugar… both are delicious. These doughnuts will have you preparing extra mashed potatoes all the time just so you can make these the next day.

Adrienne May’s (New Castle, DE) Loaded Mashed Potato Bites taste just like a loaded baked potato. Yum!

“These remind me of those bites that they used to serve at Arby’s,” shares Adrienne. “Hope you enjoy.”

Make these if you’re looking for an afternoon snack. My one tip is the mashed potatoes need to be stiff. If yours aren’t, just add about 1/4 cup of flour and mix. That will stiffen them up so that they’ll hold together when frying.

Gina Collier’s (Shelbyville, TN) Leftover Mashed Potato Cornbread brings back so many memories. As a child, I loved potato pancakes and corn cakes. This recipe is easy to make and a great combination of both of them!

For dinner, serve Dave T.’s Chicken and Potato Waffles. These are a great twist on a traditional recipe.

“Take off on chicken and waffles… pure country,” says Dave. The potato waffles are savory and delicious. Brining the chicken really tenderizes it and adds great flavor to the meat. Top off the dish with some maple syrup… yummy.

“Want a sweet Southern treat,” asks Tiffany Bannworth (Cape Coral, FL). “Try this Peach Preserves and Tart Cherry Mash Potato Cake instead of boring, old coffee cake.”

Tiffany is right, this dessert is not a boring coffee cake. It is full of great spices and flavor. I loved the pairing of cherries and peaches. The fruit brings a unique flavor to this moist and delicious cake. With a little fresh fruit added to the top, it really makes this cake stand out and look pretty.

Get inspired and use your leftovers mashed for one of these recipes. Show us how you’re getting creative and link to your recipe below. Happy Pinching!