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Egg-cellent Breakfast Recipes

Italian Frittata

When I’m looking to trim the food bill, my go-to item on the shopping list is eggs. They are a great source of protein (6 grams per large egg), nutrient dense, and filling. According to the Egg Nutrition Center, one large egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain lutein which helps with vision. Healthy and delicious.

Here are some “egg-cellent” Blue Ribbon breakfast recipes if you’re looking to incorporate more eggs into your menu too.

When friends say they have a bunch and ask what they should make (besides scrambled eggs) I always say a frittata. They are great because you can use leftovers (waste not, want not) and create a great meal. That’s what Beth French (Kinston, NC) did when she created her Italian Frittata recipe.

“I took ingredients that I already had in the fridge and decided to make a frittata,” shares Beth. “I cooked it in a 12-inch cast iron skillet so clean up was easy!”

The egg and vegetable medley in this simple frittata is divine. It’s filled with fresh spinach, Roma tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms, and sweet onions – yum. The eggs are soft and creamy and Italian seasoning packs a punch of flavor.

Sylvia Waldsmith (Gautier, MS) used to use extra Chinese food to make breakfast burritos. “I would stuff the burrito with leftover fried rice, sesame chicken or moo shu pork, roll them up and heat them in the microwave for a quick and easy breakfast,” explains Sylvia.

She decided to turn that idea into her Baked Breakfast Egg Rolls recipe. If you love Asian cuisine, this is a great breakfast option for you.

The rolls are filled with traditional ingredients and flavors like scallions, carrot, ginger and hoisin sauce. They’re mixed with eggs and stuffed into an egg roll wrapper that’s baked until golden brown. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce for an unusual breakfast.

“When you have farm fresh eggs and asparagus coming out of your ears, what do you do,” asks Tee G. “You make omelets, of course.”

Tee’s Asparagus Omelette looks fancy but comes together in no time. We loved the slight crunch of the asparagus. Prosciutto and Asiago cheese add a salty and nutty flavor. Super yummy!

Egg muffins are all the rage these days. Tommy Curtis (Sharps Chapel, TN) has a recipe that puts a little twist on them by using corn tortillas as a vessel for the eggs.

“These Green Chili Breakfast Tortilla Cups are easy and versatile,” thinks Tommy. “You can also add bacon or sausage and use egg beaters or egg whites too. The taste reminds me of chili rellenos.”

You can bake a bunch of these and your family can grab their individual serving. We opted to use bacon when testing. It added that delicious smoky flavor that goes well with eggs. The cheese and cumin really add a ton of flavor to the eggs. I suggest using fresh cilantro too… it adds that last punch of flavor.

If I can have nachos for breakfast, I will. That’s why I love Barbara Burge’s (Los Gatos, CA) cool idea for Southern Breakfast Nachos.

“This is a Saturday morning favorite for us, the kids love the fact that they can decide which topping to add to their ‘nachos’,” says Barbara.

Corn chips are the base. Green chilies and onions are fab when cooked with the sausage. That mixture is put on top of the chips. Eggs are scrambled, put into a ramekin, and then topped with cheese.

Once the cheese is melted, they have the gooey factor we all love. Top these with sour cream, olives, and avocado like Barbara suggests. I think some salsa would also be a good addition too.

Besides being absolutely delicious, each recipe is quick and easy to make (key when making breakfast). They’re also hearty enough that they’d be great if you’re doing breakfast for dinner too. Happy Pinching!