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Easy Recipes With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Creamy Turkey Soup, Leftover Special

When preparing a holiday meal there is one thing you can guarantee – leftovers. Some people (like me) love them as much as the meal itself. I’ve been known to make a larger turkey than what is needed just so I can make sure there is extra. If you’re like me, here are some ways to use the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.

Tamara Minck’s (Vancouver, WA) Turkey Tetrazzini is going to become your go-to recipe for extra turkey. This casserole is extremely creamy and super easy.

“I started making this recipe years ago to use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey,” explains Tamara. “We always have it the weekend following turkey day. It is a great change of flavor.”

The addition of Parmesan and Asiago cheeses not only adds flavor to the roux but also creates an amazing cheesy crust on top. Serve with crusty bread and you have a comforting casserole your family is going to request again.

“Delicious and filling,” is how Dorene Fish describes her Leftover Turkey Nachos. They are packed with so much flavor I have a hard time not eating the whole tray.

I love the dressing added to the turkey. A bit earthy from the cumin with a zing from lime juice, it really brings this dish to a new level of yumminess. During the holidays when you’re looking for something different, give these nachos a try.

Another genius way to use leftovers is Eddie Szczerba’s (Ossining, NY) Day After Thanksgiving Stuffed Mushrooms & Potatoes. Eddie thinks they’re “great as an appetizer or a meal” and I’d agree.

The recipe uses leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes and mixes them with bacon, cheese, onion, and other goodies. The twice-stuffed potatoes are hearty enough for a meal while the smaller mushrooms are a great snack while watching football.

“I try not to waste anything, so this is a different sandwich I came up with using cranberry sauce, applesauce, turkey, and gravy,” reveals Lisa G. (Buffalo, NY). “Even leftover dinner rolls can be used to make sliders.”

Sliced onions get slightly caramelized while cooking. When mixed with cranberry sauce, applesauce, gravy, and bbq sauce, it creates this delicious sauce for the turkey to soak in. At other times of the year, these Cran-Apple BBQ Pulled Turkey Sandwiches can be made with shredded chicken or pork. These sandwiches are filling and easy to make.

Christine Schnepp’s (Sarasota, FL) Mashed Potato Bites and Cheesy Dip turn leftover mashed potatoes into something mighty tasty.

Mustard and pretzels, mixed into the leftover potatoes, give these bite-sized treats great taste. And I liked the cheese dip too. Next time I make these, I may add some red pepper flakes to the potatoes to give ’em even more flavor. A great recipe.

On a cold day, there’s nothing better than soup and Sue Bronner’s (Jacksonville, FL) Creamy Turkey Soup, Leftover Special is delicious.

“I started making this soup as a leftover special utilizing my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner for what my family and friends call our “Cold Turkey Party” (held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving),” shares Sue. “Everyone leaves with great memories, and best yet… no more leftovers!”

The soup is creamy with robust flavor and a little kick of spice from the cayenne. Simple to prepare, your family will love this soup. An easy way to reinvent holiday turkey.

None of these recipes tickle your tastebuds? Not to worry… checkout out the Thanksgiving 2.0 collection. You’ll find a bunch of fantastic leftover recipes there. Happy Pinching!