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Easy No-Bake Desserts With Simple Ingredients

Frozen York Peppermint Patty Pie

Who wants to turn their oven on for long periods of time during the summer? I know I don’t. Which is why I’m a huge fan of no-bake desserts. Besides being a lighter dessert option, they’re easy to make and I usually have the ingredients already in my kitchen.

Margaritas are one of my favorite summertime cocktails. Terrie Hoelscher (Harpers Ferry, WV) turned the cocktail into a delicious Margarita Pie.

“This is a great summer pie, with a neat ‘twist’ on the crust,” thinks Terrie. “It’s simple, light, tart and fruity … and a great finish to a summer meal!”

Terrie’s twist in the crust is pretzels. Crushed finely, then mixed with butter and sugar, the crust is salty and sweet at the same time. A similar flavor profile to a margarita. Sweetened condensed milk blended with whipped topping, creates the creamiest filling. Lime juice and zest, along with a bit of orange juice, round out the margarita flavor in this no-bake dessert.

“I thought while drinking my coffee this morning how much I like the International Delights coffee creamer York Peppermint Patty,” explains Gaynel Mohler (Junction City, OH). “So I came up with this Frozen York Peppermint Patty Pie for a refreshing frozen summer pie. I tasted it unfrozen and OMG… you know I had to lick the spoon.”

Five ingredients create one tasty no-bake pie. This cool dessert takes just like a chocolate mint cookie (you know the thin one). The chocolate cookie crust with the creamy minty filling is a match made in flavor heaven. You can’t go wrong serving this refreshing pie to your family.

I am a huge banana pudding lover. Betty Graves (Germantown, TN) Banana Pudding Squares get two thumbs up. This recipe has the awesomeness of banana pudding and banana cream pie all wrapped into a cute square package.

“This is not a dietetic recipe,” jokes Betty. “You get the full flavors from all the ingredients. This recipe is a step up from the other banana pudding recipes. It is delicious and when served is pretty.” Her family loves this easy dessert and yours will too. I was hooked after one bite.

Jennifer Segreti’s (Venice, FL) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls will satisfy any sweet tooth. “These balls are meant to be eaten as is, from the freezer,” says Jennifer. ” I could eat cookie dough all day long, now I can without the hazard.”

It’s wise to stay away from eating raw cookie dough because of the uncooked egg. In Jennifer’s recipe, though, she leaves it out. Greek yogurt is used to bind the ingredients. This recipe has all the flavor of regular cookie dough but without the raw egg. Genius!

If you have never had a buckeye candy, you’re missing out. Popular in the Ohio area, they are peanut butter balls that are partially dipped into chocolate. It’s seriously hard to stop at just one. Kathy McNutt (Hilliard, OH) mimics the flavors of these candies in her Buckeye Dip.

“Tasted this at an Ohio State tailgate party and loved it,” shares Kathy. “Made a few adaptations and this has been enjoyed at a wine tasting party and a child’s birthday party!” This quick and easy dip is a winner. While it is great during football season, I wouldn’t wait until then. I highly encourage you to whip this up next time friends are coming over.

This summer, my family can’t get enough watermelon. So, Karen Baumgarten’s (Tomah, WI) Creamy Watermelon Pie has been very popular. “It is so easy and refreshing,” thinks Karen. “A great pie for the summer months.”

This pie is fruity, fresh and sweet… just what you want in a dessert. Watermelon Jell-O and whipped topping are mixed together. Fresh chunks of watermelon are folded in and the entire mixture is poured into a yummy graham cracker pie crust. Once it sets in the fridge, it’s seriously delicious.

Sometimes finding watermelon Jell-O can be a problem. Strawberry makes a great substitution. That’s what Larry Chappell (Collinsville, OK) did when making this dessert. He said, “the strawberry Jell-O really accented the watermelon flavor.” This pie is summertime in every bite.

Try one of these easy no-bake desserts when you want to cool down in the summertime heat. If you’re looking for more recipes, check out this collection of no-bake desserts. Happy Pinching!