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There’s Nothing Fishy about these Seafood Dinner Recipes

Family Favorite Salmon Patties

A seafood dinner isn’t something you only have to enjoy at a restaurant. While a meal can look complicated, putting together a delicious seafood dinner at home is easy. It’s something I do often.

Since we are in the Lenten season, I thought members may be looking for a few seafood ideas for Friday’s dinner. Here are a few of my Blue Ribbon favorites.

Crab cakes are insanely expensive at a restaurant, especially for the serving size. Cindy DeVore’s (Amissville, VA) Valley Green’s Southern-Style Crab Cakes are mighty good crab cakes you can easily make yourself.

“They are a combination of many years of tasting mid-Atlantic and southern-style restaurant crab cakes, as well as what seems to work from several recipes I’ve tried,” shares Cindy. “The sauce is super simple.”

Cindy uses fresh thyme and basil in the crab cakes that add a lovely pop of flavor. You have the Old Bay seasoning that’s traditional in a crab cake, but the hint of Creole seasoning is unexpected. The creamy and savory sauce tops them perfectly. Serve these as a main dish, a side dish, or even on a toasted brioche roll as a sandwich.

“I have been making these tasty salmon patties for many years,” says Carol *. “My family especially likes the lemon-dill sauce with them but, they are good with or without the sauce.” Carol’s Family Favorite Salmon Patties are savory and satisfying.

The creamy dill sauce on top makes for a wonderful presentation. For a lighter meal, you could serve these alongside a simple tossed salad. So very easy to make.

Assuming you like mushrooms, Beth Streeter’s (Easton, PA) Heavenly Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab Meat ARE heavenly! Use small button-sized mushrooms for a one-bite appetizer or larger ones for a great meal.

“This is my own recipe that I have developed over years,” explains Beth. “Today for the first time I measured everything.” If you love seafood, then what Beth created is going to become a favorite.

The stuffing is delicious. It’s packed with crab meat and assortment of orange and green bell pepper. Melted provolone cheese on top is yummy. If using larger mushrooms, make sure to bake a little longer like Beth suggests.

If you’re looking for a delicious, fairly simple seared scallops and shrimp recipe look no further than George Levinthal’s (Goleta, CA) Seared Scallops & Shrimp Over Angel Hair Pasta.

“My wife loves shrimp and scallops and I wanted to find a way to make it for her and make it fairly quick and easy,” says George. “It’s an elegant, but simple dish for a dinner party or for just the two of us.”

The sauce that accompanies the seafood is divine. As the butter, wine, and shallots cook down, it almost becomes creamy. The scallops and shrimp are cooked perfectly. Overall, this is delicious.

I highly suggest you prepare one of these tasty recipes when you have the urge for a seafood dinner. If you’d like even more seafood recipes, you can find them here. Happy Pinching!