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Comfort Food Recipes That’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

When that groundhog saw his shadow and I found out there were six more weeks of winter, a few choice words went through my mind. Not sure about you, but I’m over winter. In my part of the country, we spent January in sub-zero temps and February hasn’t jumped back to normal. It’s at this point in winter when all I crave is comfort food.

Chicken pot pie is one of my favorite dishes. With a flaky, buttery crust and creamy filling, it’s so satisfying. Adriana Torres’ (El Paso, TX) Chicken Pot Pie Muffins are great because it’s everything you love about chicken pot pie, but in bite-size form.

“I made individual chicken pot pies with every intention to eat a single serving,” shares Adriana. “However, after one taste of the delicious crumble topping, I couldn’t resist having seconds.” I definitely went back for seconds… actually thirds.

As a child, I adored grilled cheese sandwiches. Melted American cheese sandwiched between buttered white bread, oh my. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. As an adult, my taste buds may have become a bit more sophisticated, but my love for grilled cheese hasn’t changed. Rhonda E.’s (Juneau, AK) The Ultimate Grilled Cheese is a deliciously adult cheesy grilled cheese.

“I got this idea from ingredients that go good in a salad and I just put them in a sandwich instead,” reveals Rhonda. This grilled cheese is something you would expect at a fancy deli. The garlic mayo packs a punch of flavor and crisps the bread up beautifully. The Gouda melts wonderfully and it pairs perfectly with the salty bacon, spinach, and softened onion. Every bite is a gooey bit of flavor!

The more cheese you can fit in your mac and cheese, the better in my mind. True to form, Samantha Jacobs’ (Manchester, NH) Ooey Gooey Mac and Cheese is one stellar recipe. “This baked mac and cheese is so creamy and delicious,” shares Samantha. “There are never any leftovers when I make this dish.”

Nicky Iser (Falling Waters, WV) has been making this recipe for years and thinks, “This is one of the best recipes on Just A Pinch. No matter how many times I have made it, I never ever make it the same way twice.” Get creative and switch up the cheese. Put it under the broiler, too, like Samantha suggests to get that crispy cheesy top.

“This meatloaf is so full of flavor,” explains Barbara Oseland (Two Harbors, MN) of her Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatloaf Stuffed with Cheese. “It’s the perfect size for two people… plus leftovers for one more meal.” There are so many layers of goodness in this meatloaf and full of flavor.

Really, anything wrapped in bacon is just on a whole other level. The cheese in the middle is an ooey, gooey surprise. Double the recipe if you’re serving more than two. After one bite I am not sure your family will ever want another meatloaf recipe again.

Chocolate will cure any ailment, right?! One bite of Joan Penney’s (Platte City, MO) Chocolate Pie will send your taste buds to their happy place. When describing the pie Joan says, “There is a rich buttery taste and a slight crunch to the top.” Oh, it’s so good!

Not only was this super easy to make it was also super delicious. The top has a slight crunch and the inside is soft and creamy. Eat it with a dollop of whipped cream slightly warm or cold from the fridge. You can not go wrong with this lovely chocolate pie recipe.

Comfort food makes me happy and will hopefully pull me through to spring (March 20th can’t get here soon enough!). What’s your favorite comfort food? Share below and Happy Pinching!