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Bushels of Tastiness in These Peach Recipes

Chicken Salad with Fresh Peaches

Peach season is at its peak and my taste buds are on overload these days. Nothing says summertime to me more than biting into a nice, juicy peach. They’re not just for snacking though. I love to incorporate them into my cooking too. I’ve gathered a few easy peach recipes that feature this favorite summertime fruit that I wanted to share.

Chilled soup on a hot summer day is fantastic. Sometimes I just crave soup, but in the heat, the last thing I want is something warm. Pam Ellingson’s (Wichita, KS) Chilled, Cantaloupe, Mango, and Peach Soup is so fruity and fresh, it’s like a liquid dessert.

“I used to make this chilled soup during the summers when I worked with my mother cooking at the Wichita Art Museum,” shared Pam. “I talked the managers of the restaurant into serving it as an alternative choice to a salad with lunch. I never failed to sell all of it because it is so refreshing and tasty.”

It’s delicious and easy. You’ll impress family and friends with this soup at your next cookout or summer dinner party. Very yummy!

Gretchen (Columbia, TN) swaps out grapes and celery with peaches and cucumbers for her Chicken Salad with Fresh Peaches. I’ve made a ton of chicken salad in my time and never thought to try that. Glad Gretchen did!

There’s a burst of fruit flavor in each bite – a refreshing surprise. Gretchen’s dressing for the chicken salad is great too. The acidity from the lemon juice is a nice balance to the creamy sour cream and mayonnaise. I can’t wait to serve this next time I have my girlfriends over. I think it’ll be a hit.

“This is refreshing and great for summer when everything is at its freshest,” thinks Lana Bade (Goshen, NJ) of her Summer Sunrise Salsa. With nectarines, pluots, and peaches, it’s a great variety of summer fruits. If you’re not familiar with a pluot, it’s a cross between a plum and an apricot.

Lana’s salsa is not traditional, but really yummy. Great for munching while poolside. It would be fantastic on some grilled chicken or fish too. A great summertime snack.

Crisps are a simple dessert and one I love is Judy Richardson Butz’s Fresh Peach Crisp. Judy came up with this after she went to an orchard and bought some very ripe peaches. A bit of this and that and Judy came up with one delicious dessert.

The fresh peaches are diced and mixed with sugar, orange juice, and cinnamon. Judy says to leave them soaking for two hours or overnight. I opted for overnight so the sugar could work its magic. And magical they were! Orange juice with the peaches is a great combo. The oatmeal topping gets nice and crisp which is a great compliment to the peaches. Super easy to prepare and yummy!

Greg Buerger’s (Peoria, AZ) Peaches N’ Sour Cream Pound Cake Bread Pudding is definitely not your grandmother’s basic bread pudding. “This recipe uses prepared pound cake and sour cream to create a dessert that has all the comfort and ease of a traditional bread pudding with the richness and taste of a new but elegant dessert,” explains Greg.

Fresh peaches add sweetness and make the bread pudding moist. And I loved the slight crunch from the pecans. Caramel drizzled on top adds to the overall yumminess. Rich and creamy, your guests are going to really enjoy this.

Head to your favorite farmer’s market and pick up peaches this weekend while they are at their peak freshness. If you create something special, make sure to share your recipe. Happy Pinching!