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Get Crockin’ in the Kitchen

Tasty Crock Pot Eye Roast

Things have been so busy recently my slow cooker is getting quite the workout. Breakfast, dinner or dessert there’s no meal the crock pot can’t handle.

Starting breakfast the night before means you can serve a super yummy meal for family or houseguests without a ton of morning fuss. Joan Hunt (Youngsville, NC) has a hearty and delicious recipe for Crock Pot Oatmeal with Spiced Apples I absolutely love.

“This is our favorite oatmeal, it tastes like apple pie,” shares Joan. “The steel cut oats have a more chewy texture to them and are a little heartier than rolled oats.”

The apple pie flavor tastes heavenly and it’s healthy! Don’t try to substitute regular rolled oats, it will completely change the texture and not turn out good. This oatmeal recipe is so easy and flavorful, you’ll never want that instant stuff again. Waking up to the aroma of this dish will get you out of bed in no time. A great way to start your day!

Soups are something I love to make. They’re great for dinner but also perfect leftovers. Angie Robinson’s (Findlay, OH) “Unstuffed” Green Pepper Soup for the Crock Pot is great if you’re looking for a heartier soup. “I am a stuffed pepper and also a soup fanatic, so this is a great way to get both in one,” explains Angie. “To me, it’s much easier than stuffing the peppers.”

Angie’s soup is amazing! It smells and tastes just like stuffed peppers, but SO much easier. When cooking, people will think you have stuffed peppers baking in the oven. You may want to double the recipe if serving a large crowd (or want ample leftovers) because this will be very popular.

Simplify your next Taco Tuesday by preparing Tommy Curtis’ (Sharps Chapel, TN) Cantina Beef and Lime Tacos. “Super easy to fix, just put the main ingredients in the Crock Pot in the morning and it’s ready for supper,” shares Tommy. “My family loves this dish!”

This recipe is seriously foolproof… and delicious. Cooking the roast with beer, onion, and seasonings creates the most flavorful meat. Slow cooking the meat makes it extremely moist and easy to shred. Add your favorite taco toppings and you have an easy dinner. Diane Rodriguez (Chesterton, IN) “eats tacos once a week” and has added these to her regular rotation.

“In an effort to get a great meal when I am working or have stuff to do, I find myself using my Crock Pot a lot,” says Judy Wisniewski (Pennsauken, NJ). “The store had eye roast on sale because it is a lean roast I often find it a bit tough. Not this time it was fork tender and tasted delish.” What Judy points out is one of the things I love about slow cooking meat. You can purchase a cheaper cut of meat and it turns out amazing.

The gravy in Judy’s Tasty Crock Pot Eye Roast is delicious with the wine, sauces, and coffee. As Rynetta Coetzee (Jackson, MS) points out “you don’t taste the coffee at all” so don’t let that scare you off. In fact, Rynetta says “it’s the best meat [she’s] ever had.” The meat turns out amazingly tender in this yummy dinner.

Sara Andrea’s (Eugene, OR) Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore is another Crock Pot keeper. All the fresh veggies and Italian seasonings really give this dish lots of flavors and smell so good while cooking. Next time chicken is on sale at the market, stock up. This is great with boneless chicken breasts or thighs if you prefer dark meat. Your family will definitely be asking for seconds.

Let’s not forget about dessert! Cindy Dominguez (Junction City, KY) makes a Crock Pot Cake and it’s amazing. “The smell of this cake will drive you crazy,” jokes Cindy and she’s right.

Super chocolaty and moist, I loved the unique cooking technique and the finished product. A chocolate cake mix was used in this recipe, but try with a vanilla cake or switch up the chocolate chips. Mint or peanut butter would be fab. Top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ve got one top-notch dessert.

Is there a meal you love to create in the crock pot? Share the recipe! Happy Pinching!