Holiday Cocktails To Keep You Warm

Holiday Cocktails to Keep You Warm

There’s something magical about a winter evening by the fire with a cocktail to keep you warm. From spiced cider to hot toddy to Irish coffee, these cocktails are great for a cozy night in or a holiday party. Every sip is full of warmth and comfort, the perfect way to toast the season. So grab your festive glassware and let’s cheers with these holiday cocktails!

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Holiday Spiced Cider

“So yummy!! My family loves this recipe, especially on a cold day.” – Dawn
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Holiday Toddy

“Gramma used to do something like this with red wine during the holidays, but I never liked the after-taste of heavy red wines. When I moved out on my own I noticed that I really missed the smell of this simmering through the house though! So through some trial and error (and a completely content to be a guinea pig husband!) I finally came up with this. It’s similar to a wassail I guess, but wasn’t really based on one.” – ‘Ria
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Chocolate Irish Coffee

“This is such a delicious variation of the traditional Irish Coffee drink, and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I tried making this using a dried premium cocoa powder and it was OK, but it’s much better using melted dark chocolate because it had a depth and richness that was lacking with the dried cocoa powder. And the creme de menthe gives a subtle hint of the mint yet not so prominent that the other flavors are lost.” – Vickie
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Baileys Pumpkin White Chocolate

“So, just plan to get a bunch of Bailey’s when you’re out next, because this drink is so addictive, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty on hand! There’s some good pumpkin flavor in here without being over-powering, just enough kick from the Bailey’s without tasting boozy. It’s creamy and spicy – everything a fall drink should be! Feel free to experiment with your liquor of choice – Kahlua, bourbon or vanilla vodka would all be great choices!” – Jennifer
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Hot Toddy

“Although spring has sprung in parts of the Midwest, a late round of flu and bad colds is still going around. The Hot Toddy is thought to be one of the best “cures for what ails ya” in these here parts of the country.” – Myra
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Authentic Irish Coffee

“This is a replica of the coffee served at the Shannon Airport in Ireland. It was re-created by the owner of the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco.” – Carolyn
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Spiced Pumpkin Rum Coffee Creamer

“We like to make our own creamers so we aren’t victim to whatever they happen to be selling at the stores. The world is your oyster. Ring in autumn with this tasty treat!” – Tiffany
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Apple Crown Hot Toddy

“Chances are if you grew up around a grandparent and you had a little cold they wanted to give you a hot toddy. The old myth about this hot beverage curing a cold was the the whiskey or bourbon would help with your cough , the honey would sooth your throat and the lemon or orange in this case provided the vitamin C needed to get better . Well , we all know now a cold is a virus that just has to run it’s course but this Crown Apple Hot Toddy is amazing. Sniffle or no sniffle you need” – Debbie