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A plate of Sweet Fried Shrimp over rice.

Sweet Fried Shrimp

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By Shauntel Campbell
This shrimp is so addicting and super easy... use it for a dish or a ...
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Korean Dipping Sauce

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By Carolyn Haas
At our local Asian buffet restaurant, they serve a similar sauce with their dumplings. It ...
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Zucchini Tempura

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By Vickie Parks
This is a great recipe to use when zucchini is beginning to take over your ...
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Lettuce wraps shrimp and shiitake mushroom tempura with fish sauce

Lettuce Wraps Shrimp Tempura W/ Fish Sauce

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By Yen Tran
This lettuce wrap tempura recipe is a quick and easy dinner fix, crunchy with shrimp ...

Deep Fried Lobster Bites

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By Melissa Turner
A favorite restaurant of mine that burnt down years ago used to serve fried lobster ...
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I made sandwich with shrimp and edamame kakiage tempura. For sauce, soy sauce, mayonnaise and wasabi. top with swiss cheese and let the cheese melt. Crispy and rich flavored tempura and melting cheese satisfy you a lot.

Shrimp Edamame Kakiage Tempura Melt

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By Hidemi Walsh
I am Japanese and love to cook tempura. Shrimp Kakiage Tempura is my favorite. I ...
I love tempura, in all it's forms

Okra Tempura

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By Andy Anderson !
I love tempura, and it will work with just about everything from fish, meat and, ...
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Bonnie's Homemade Tempura Batter Mix

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By BonniE !
Boxed tempura is so expensive. Here is a tip to make your own tempura ...
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