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#Schnitzel Recipes

Schnitzel Munich Style

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By Dave T.
In German-speaking countries, the term Schnitzel means cutlets, not just breaded fried ones. It can ...

Pork Schnitzel

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By Lynette !
Quick and easy enough for a weeknight. I can sometimes find the pork chops ...
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Pork Schnitzel W/mushroom Gravy

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By Kim Biegacki
If you love the other "white" meat you'll love this simple recipe. However, when I ...
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Pork Schnitzel / My Way

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By Cassie *
We just love Schnitzel...I like the thinness and crunch it gets. I also like the ...
(4 ratings)

Wiener Schnitzel

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By Linda Kauppinen
Wiener Schnitzel is wonderful! What can I say!
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Nanny's Pork Schnitzel

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By Elaine Bovender
My husband's grandmother, who we called, "Nanny" used to make this dish quite frequently. ...
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Jaeger Schnitzel With Thyme And Parsley

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By Allison Hazell
Although in traditional German fare (my heritage) this dish is made with veal cutlets, I ...
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Schnitzel piping hot and OH so tender served with green beans with bacon.  Yum!

Schnitzel Or Jäger Schnitzel

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By JoSele Swopes
I used to make this a lot in Germany. It is a family favorite, ...
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