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#moose Recipes

Dillkött or in english Dill-Meat served with boiled potatoes.

Dill-Meat (boiled meat with dill sauce)

Dill-Meat is an old and tradition-bound dish in Sweden. This recipe comes from one of Sweden's ...

From Instagram: 7 jars of moose meat.

Canning Moose

Isn't it nice when you already have food available that doesn't have to be defrosted ...

Ropa Vieja has many uses!

Ropa Vieja-Moose or Venison Style

What to do with all your moose or wild game? I had about 5 ...

Hearty Moose Chili with Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread

Hearty Moose Chili

Beverage pairing: Beer: Abita Amber Wine - Tempranillo (Spain) Ground Moose Chili - When Fall trickles into ...

Hot out of the oven

Easy Meat Loaf

This reciepe works well with a variety of wild ground game

Mo's Beef Barley Soup

Mo is a camp cook in Canada. She gave me this recipe. This is a good ...

Crockpot Gameday Moose Chili

Of course you dont have to use moose meat. Any type of ground meat ...

Pere Beaudry's Tourtiere

My father baked this simple and delicious pie every Christmas Eve. We used to serve ...