#jalepeno Recipes

Two bowls of Mexican Corn Chowder with toppings.

Mexican Corn Soup

So quick. So easy. So delicious. Nuff said !! Be prepared to hear a lot ...

My try:)

Jalepeno Popper Dip with a Kick!

I was looking for some new food to try on Superbowl Sunday. My husband loves ...

Moist Cornbread with HoneyLime Butter

Amazing with Beth McDaniel's blue ribbon White Bean Chili! My family & I ...

Jalepeno Poppers

Cream cheese, jalepeno and bacon filled crescent rolls. Fast and delicious!

Ranchero Sauce

I love making my ranchero sauce. It stores well and goes so well with so ...

Ali's Holy Guacamole

i'm sure everybody has their own recipe for guacamole, but this one is my fav.

*Jason's deliciously fresh homegrown (in season) and home-made

*Jason's "Inferno" Salsa

I make this with my 13 y.o. son, Jason every week and let's face it ...