#holiday baking Recipes

A gorgeous slice of cheesecake with a delicious dark cherry topping


Light and moist, this dessert is perfect for any occasion!

Decorated cupcakes with sanding sugar also known as sand sugar


For a fraction of what they charge at the store, you can now make your ...

Buttery cookies filled with grated chocolate and topped with a freckle.

Betty's "freckle" butter cookies

Fun, eye-catching and perfect for a party! Buttery cookies filled with grated chocolate and ...

Gorgeous thumbprint cookies with mint jelly and raspberry jam.


Fun to make, these colorful sweet treats are perfect for the Holidays!

A gorgeous homemade Fruitcake for the Holidays

Holiday Fruitcake

With a delicious combination of fruits, spices and special ingredients, this isn't your Grandma's cake!

Easy Homemade Pumpkin Pie ready to be sliced.

Easy Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is an iconic American pie that's a must-have during the holiday season. The ...

Mint Chocolate Chip Bars are perfect for a St Patty’s Day celebration.

Mint Chocolate Chip Bars

These Mint Chocolate Chips Bars are truly a delightful treat, especially for St. Patrick’s Day. ...

A Black Forest cake on a serving plate.


This cake will be the highlight for any special occasion or Holiday. Dark, decadent and ...

Six biscotti on a plate with more in the background along with a cup of coffee.


These classic Italian Biscotti are absolutely delicious! Very festive looking, they are perfect for the ...

Spiced Sweet Potato Sandwich Cookies

I love sweet potatoes. I like to cook and bake with sweet potatoes because they ...

Chelsea's Mincemeat Recipe

Fat Free version: Pears, Orange & Lemons [and rinds], Candied Peels, Mixed Dried Fruits, dates, ...

The Pink Peppermint Meltaways are displayed on a platter along with the Holly Berry Cookies.

Pink Peppermint Melt-A-Ways

I love these cookies! They are a pepperminty tasting cookie. I like how they ...

Snickerdoodle Blossoms

I "love" chocolate and Snickerdoodle Cookies! I get to combine the cookie with a bit ...

Sugar Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are made from those 3-lb. tubs of already made cookie dough, which ...

I thought I'd display these cookies with my favorite cookie jar!

Jenny's Soft Molasses Cookies

Back in 2010, my daughter Jenny had made these cookies, and shared them with me. ...

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

My family loves these cookies! They surely are "the best" sugar cookie you will ever ...