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Grannys lemon meringue pie

Grannys Lemon Meringue Pie

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By Racquel Sweeney
I love this recipe, it reminds me of my granny sadly no longer with us. ...
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This is the fruit kabob version of the recipe I posted.

Halloween Party Pumpkin

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By Linda Rupp
A fun a way to serve cheese and other treats on Halloween !
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Chocolate Spelt Cake

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This is a delicious and healthy dessert. Normally, spelt flour is used in breads, ...
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Rose Bush - Natural Soil Foods

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By Vicki H
In case you all were not aware of this already, I thought I would post ...
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5 Alarm Or Less Chili

Some like it hot some don't. I like mine between 2 alarm and 3 alarm. ...
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Diabetic-Friendly Peach Cobbler

Linda's Peach Cobbler For Diabetics

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By Linda Wilson
The other day I really wanted something sweet. I didn't have any fresh fruit ...
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Creamy and tasty Taffy apple Salad.

Carrie's Taffy Apple Salad- Like Ultra Foods

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By Carrie Triner
My friends and family loves this. Super easy to make
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Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

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By Tonna Canfield
This recipe came from Taste of Home and is so easy and delicious. I ...
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Brandy's "cereal"

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By Brandy Bender
This is not cereal for reals, but it is something I came up with one ...
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Easy as 1,2,3,...7 Step Apple Crisp

7 Step Apple Crisp 4 One!!

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By Detoncia Wilkinson
Again, I made this for the love of apples & the " use whatcha got" ...
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Baked Empanadas W/ Beef Filling

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By Tara Pacheco
Empanadas are great. There are so many ways you can fill them. I have made ...
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Slow Cooked Pulled Jerk Pork Sandwiches

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By Barbara Kavorkian
When I was in Jamaica, there was Jerk seasoned everything! Jerk Chicken and Jerk ...
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I love that this is an overnight casserole. Great for a holiday event morning! Takes under 10 minutes to fix the night before! Sprinkle a little powdered sugar over this casserole and a drizzle of maple syrup and oh so beautifully delicious!

Overnight French Toast Casserole

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By Opal Jackson-Cakmak
Make it fast! Amaze the homies! Quick and easy! Delicious
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These are mini pizza calzones, I make them with a pinched crust or a rolled and pinched crust... this is just a pinched crust.

Mini Stuffed Pizza's (calzones)

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By Marina Neff
My husband loves pepperoni pizza, but I'm more of a Hawaiian style, or sausage and ...
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