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Kickin Chicken Bombs

Melody Perkins avatar
By Melody Perkins
This is my son's favorite meal. He swears he could eat it every day :) ...
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Really yummy muffins great with a cup of tea

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

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By Carol Donald
These can be made as a bundt cake or a loaf
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Chocolate Silk Pie

Chi Stevens avatar
By Chi Stevens
I've made ALOT of pies in my time, but this is BY FAR THE BESSSSTTT ...
(1 rating)
My finished pie, sampled and given the okay.

Mince Believe Pie

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By Leila Rockwell
I found this recipe in a 1974 Pillsbury cookbook and was amazed that it tastes ...
(3 ratings)
Covered with cool whip and ready to eat and enjoy. I used 1 tbl of cocoa and 4 squares of Lindt cocoa bar smooth dark.

Aunt Emma's Basic Cream Pie

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By Leila Rockwell
My Aunt used this recipe for every cream pie she made when she had the ...
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Easiest Best Ever Baby Back Ribs....

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By Shannon Stapleton
this is the "ask for" recipe from everyone the kids on their birthdays to friends ...
(2 ratings)

Grandmy's Spiced Sugar Cookies.

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By Maria Maxey
Love to cook,with my grandchildren special my 8 year old so is so smart and ...
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