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#Dry-Rub Recipes

Maple Sage Spice Rub

Elaine Bovender avatar
By Elaine Bovender
I had always brined my turkey before preparing, but last year I decided to try ...
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Doc's Butt Rub

Dave T. avatar
By Dave T.
This is a great dry rub for brisket, don't put too much on and over ...
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Candi's Dandy Ranch Rib Rub!

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By Candi Hummer
Say that 10 times fast!! I love making my own rubs for what I smoke, Ribs, ...
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Fred's Chicken Rub

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By Fred Alam
This is my own version of a dry rub for chicken. I tried different rubs ...

B-b-q Pork Ribs

Fred Alam avatar
By Fred Alam
We made these on Memorial Day week end and every one loved them. In place of ...
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Awesome steak, lamb, or Ahi Tuna rub!

Bobby Flay's Dry Rub

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By Zelda Hopkins
I seen Bobby Flay's on a show and he gave this dry rub. I use ...
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