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Colcannon in a bowl with melted butter.


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By Christine Perez
This is an Irish dish I made last night. My Hubby loved it!
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Traditional Irish Colcannon is creamy mashed potatoes mixed with sauteed cabbage and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.  It is truly a match made in heaven.

Irish Colcannon

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By Beth Pierce
This traditional Irish side dish is made with creamy mashed potatoes, swirled with sauteed cabbage ...

Not So Irish Colcannon

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By Debbie Sue
This recipe is from my German great grandmother. It's more about the cabbage than ...
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Colcannon - Traditional Irish Dish

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By Ann Hatzimangas
This was one of my favourite dishes growing up and still is. It's difficult to ...
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Traditional Irish Colcannon

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By Sasha Kamen
Though in the U.S. colcannon is often served on St. Patrick's Day with corned beef ...
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Irish Colcannon

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By Amy H.
There are a lot of recipes on the web for colcannon, some use kale, some ...
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Colcannon Fritters

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By Kim B *
With St. Patty's Day right around the corner I couldn't resist making up my own ...
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Colcannon (st Patricks Day)

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By Anthony Nicometi Jr
I stumbled across this recipe last year in Culinary, when we had to research another ...
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Cabbage or Kale shreds can also be used to garnish along with a dollop of Sour Cream

Colcannon Soup

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By Melinda Reffalt
Adding cabbage or Kale makes this a real St Patrick's day treat. Ham also works ...
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Irish Colcannon For Halloween

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By Jenn Conley
Colcannon has been eaten in Ireland on Halloween night for generations. Colcannon is wonderfully ...
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