Blue Ribbon #chile Recipes

Turkey Tortilla Soup with shredded cheese on top.

Turkey Tortilla Soup

You NEED this recipe after consuming any holiday turkey. I've made this delicious, hearty, crowd-pleasing ...

Green Enchiladas

I created this original recipe, wanting a lighter version of enchiladas. Everyone loves them and ...

Caldillo (Northern New Mexico-style Soup)

My moms favorite. On a cold day with tortillas this soup will warm your tummy.

Dig in!

The Best Green Chile Pork... Ever

(I have recently changed this recipe to make it less work- heck yes) I had a ...

Ancho Chile Chocolate Chip Cookies

Send these up to USMMA in batches of 5 dozens, and those boys devour them!

Southwestern Green Chile Cheese Bread

This is worth the trouble. It is most flavorful and the taste and aroma ...