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A couple glasses of green smoothie with a small bowl of pistachios and mango, kiwi and banan in the background

Green Smoothie

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By Francine Lizotte
Healthy and refreshingly delicious, this Green Smoothie is a tasty breakfast drink to start off ...
A smoothie garnished with a slice of kiwi and a raspberry.

Kiwi Raspberry Smoothie

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By Francine Lizotte
Full of vitamins, proteins, fiber and other nutrients, this quick & easy beverage is a ...

~ Fresh Peach / Raspberry Shake ~

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By Cassie *
Had some fresh peaches and raspberries and the kids wanted a smoothie, so this is ...
Absolutely delicious!

Baked Coconut Mac N Cheese

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By Desiree Stone
I got this recipe online and fell in love with the flavors. I soon found ...

Pumpkin Oatmeal And Raisin Cookies

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By Gretchen ***
These are a healthy, low-cal treat.

Skinny Mocha Coffee Frappe

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By Jana Jones
I LOVE those pricey frozen coffee drinks but there's not one anywhere along my morning ...
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Strawberry Oat Bread By Marcine Jenis

I used fresh strawberries. Frozen might work but will add moisture to bread. You might ...

Gluten Free Friendship Bread & Starter Recipe

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By Megan Todd
Friendship bread is a long tradition of making a "starter" from yeast, flour, sugar, & ...
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Gamma's Sweet Sourdough Pancakes/waffles

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By Megan Todd
I promised some Sourdough recipes to go along with my sourdough starter recipe. So I ...
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Josie's Chocolate-swirl Banana Split Shake

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By Megan Todd
One of my kids' favorite snack is a homemade milkshake or smoothie. It's something I ...
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Almond Rice Pudding

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By Megan Todd
Another delicious recipe from my kids' Nanny. Of course, due to multiple food allergies, I've ...
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Coco Green Smoothie Supreme

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By Charlotte Shannon
A Great Smoothie That Satisfies That Need For Chocolate in A Healthy Way.
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Please forgive my photo!  I am a cook not a photographer!  ;)

Berries And 'cream'

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By Mercy T
I was born and raised in the South. As such summer means berries and fruits ...
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