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Buttermilk Honey Bread

Savory or sweet, there is is nothing better than homemade bread. The smells that come from the oven can have you impatiently watching the clock waiting for the finished product. For those that have never tried, making bread couldn't be easier... honestly! And more cooks are proud of baking their very first loaf than in making almost any other dish.

A lot of recipes are made with yeast. Here are a few tips to remember when working with yeast. Look at the expiration date. If it's expired, throw it out. Old yeast means your dough won't rise. And, make sure the water is the correct temperature when you activate the yeast. If it's too cool, it won't activate. Too hot, you will kill the yeast.

Now that we got a few tips down, let's get into the fun part. Deciding what recipe to make!

Kim Kelemen's Buttermilk Honey Bread is going to turn into your go-to bread recipe. "This is the best loaf bread I have ever made," says Kim. "It makes the best grilled cheese you've ever had." It really does go with everything. This bread has a lovely, subtle sweetness ... and the buttermilk really keeps it moist. Your family will love this.

I bet Beth Hart's 60 Minute Dinner Rolls will be an addition to your holiday meal this year. "[It] is really only 60 minutes from the time you start mixing to the time they come out of the oven," Beth says. This is a wonderfully quick and easy recipe. It will get you out of the kitchen and give you a little extra time with your guests.

Don't want to serve rolls with dinner? No problem! Try serving Leslie Bengochea's Bread Sticks. "[This recipe is] so easy and soo soooo yummy," says Leslie. You'll be one crowd-pleaser when you put these bread sticks on the table. The recipe makes a ton. But I guarantee, there won't be any left!

Some breads are more labor intensive to make. But, once you watch the faces on people when they bite into the it, the reward is worth it!

Reta Smith's Southwestern Green Chile Cheese Bread is worth the trouble. "It is most flavorful and the taste and aroma is fantastic," says Reta. I just think this is a wonderful bread to pair with any southwestern dish. This is one flavorful bread.

It's funny how sometimes the most unlikely ingredients can combine to create the most wonderful of flavors. Tiffany Bannworth's Navy Bean Sweet Bread is one of those happy times. This bread doesn't require yeast, which makes it really easy to make. It smelled so wonderful while baking, I couldn't wait for it to be done. As Tiffany says, "[Anyway] you serve [this], you will really impress your palate." A terrific blending of sweet and salty.

After you've tried some of these delightful recipes, you'll think twice about store-bought bread... promise. Enjoy!

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Ashley Burnam - Nov 18, 2013
This is SO the season for bread!!Here's our favorite family recipe if anyone likes challah! Simple Sweet Challah Bread (The way it should be)
Carolyn Burkhalter - Nov 16, 2013
I just made a savory bread from a different site and it is called-jalapeno-beer-corn-bread-it is not cornbread-it is made with flour. it has a good taste but not great-what else would you add to it to up the flavor-I put dry mustard and chili powder, cumin,s&p and added cheese to it. it is a dense bread
Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal - Nov 14, 2013
Welcome Rhonda! Your going to love JAP! Sometimes I sit on here all day! ;) Such wonderful recipes and such kind people!
Heidi Hoerman - Nov 14, 2013
Heather, all you really need to make bread is four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast. Other additions affect the flavor, texture, rise, etc. A simple four-ingredient loaf can be delicious just different from a honey/buttermilk loaf.
Rhoda Serry-Mehl - Nov 14, 2013
Just discovered this website via One Kings Lane, as they were so sweet to send this info to me. I only wish they had sent it earlier in the day, because now I want to just sit here and go thru all of the recipes, and the cookbooks (and order them all, of course!)
Have a busy day tomorrow so will sign off and try to look thru some of the tantalizing recipes I spied tonight.
Marti Owings - Nov 12, 2013
Just made the Buttermilk Honey Bread. Marvelous !!! The addition of the honey does NOT make it sweet. BIG, moist loaves !! Could not upload photo...
heather harrison - Nov 12, 2013
can you leave the honey out! for just plain white bread