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Kicked-Up Burgers for Your Next BBQ

3 Cheese Stuffed Ranch Burgers

What's better than a nice and juicy hamburger? The more napkins the better in my book! It's a must serve at cookouts nationwide.

And to think a burger is so simple - ground meat, formed into a patty and cooked (medium rare for me). But it's really just a blank slate to get creative with flavors and textures. These great home cooks have put their own delicious twist on an all-American classic.

Kris Brown (Paducah, KY) makes her Taco Spinach Burgers with Homemade Picante Sauce for her picky daughter who gives them two thumbs up. "She loves these," shares Kris and if a picky child likes them, you know they're good.

Fresh, light flavors from a homemade Picante mix well with the savory ground beef and taco seasoning. Kris sneaks spinach into the burger which is a great way to get kids to eat more veggies. A fun take on a traditional burger.

Everyone loves a cheeseburger and Rose Mary Mogan's (Sauk Village, IL) 3 Cheese Stuffed Ranch Burgers is definitely a cheeseburger. "These are tasty, thick, juicy, flavorful, cheesy and so full of flavor," says Rose Mary.

The seasoning alone makes this a great burger recipe. But, stuffing Feta and mozzarella inside is a creamy surprise. Cheddar cheese and caramelized onions are the perfect toppings.

Rose Mary makes these indoors, but in the summer I'd make these on the grill. It would add just another element of flavor to this juicy burger. They may take a little time, but worth every minute.

Another twist on a cheeseburger is Anthony Nicometi Jr.'s (Cheektowaga, NY) Irish Cheddar Juicy Lucy. "If you never had a Juicy Lucy before it's basically a cheeseburger except the cheese is on the inside," explains Anthony. "You usually tend to see them with more interesting cheeses as opposed to traditional American."

Anthony adds Irish cheddar to his burger and wow it's good. I wasn't the biggest fan of Irish cheese before, but I am now. Like American cheddar, Irish cheddar becomes sharper the longer it ages. But, to me, Irish cheddar has a stronger more pungent flavor.

In this burger, stuffing the cheese inside the meat mellows the sharpness slightly. You still taste it and combined with the Worcestershire and mustard add tons of flavor to the burger. Have a few napkins handy... it definitely passes the juicy test.

"I made this BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger w/Chipotle Mayo trying to find a nice BBQ burger that tastes great without all the normal burger fixins," shares Tara Waites (Dallas, TX). "I feel this is my best burger!"

Where to even begin describing this scrumptious recipe?! The burger itself is a combination of beef and veal which creates a flavorful burger. Mixing with chipotles adds a smokey sweetness to the meat. Pairing cheddar and Gouda cheese is great and adds to the smokey flavor. Then that chipotle mayo tops the burger adds one last zing for your taste buds.

These kicked-up burger recipes will be a huge hit at your next cookout. Do you have a favorite way to cook your burgers? Make sure to post the recipe. Happy Pinching!

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Rose Mary Mogan - May 30, 2017
These are the perfect burgers for this type of weather. My husband loved the 3 Cheese Stuffed Ranch Burger, and the flavors are just amazing. I am happy to see that it is featured here. It took me awhile to perfect these burgers but my efforts were certainly worth it. You will love them too. Thanks Kitchen Crew for featuring one of our favorites with the other winning recipes for summer grilling.
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