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The Sandwich: Two Pieces of Bread, Endless Possibilities

BLT with Avocado & Spicy Sauce

Is there anything better than a sandwich? Seriously, you can put nearly anything between two slices of bread and create something delicious. John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, was definitely onto something. This British statesman is credited with creating the sandwich back in the 1700's. Here are a few of my favorite sandwich recipes I just know you're going to enjoy.

Fried green tomatoes are one of my all-time favorite summertime indulgences. So when I saw Allisha Bordelon's (Coushatta, LA) Fried Green Tomato BLT Sandwich I knew I had to try it.

"I was able to purchase 10 lbs of green tomatoes this summer," shares Allisha. "So I knew fried green tomatoes were in our future." Whether you have access to a ton of tomatoes like Allisha, or pick up a few at your market, I highly suggest making this recipe. Thanks to a light Panko breadcrumb coating, Allisha's sandwich really shows off the tomatoes' flavor. Her roasted red pepper mayo is the perfect finishing touch.

Lauren Mitchell (Portland, OR) turns an ordinary grilled chicken sandwich into an extraordinary sandwich, thanks to the additional of a cilantro lime mayo. In fact, Camille Cihat (Cookeville, TN) thinks the mayo is so good, she "could eat it with a spoon."

"This was a spur of the moment idea that turned out great, super fast and healthy," explains Lauren on how she came up with her Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Cilantro Lime Mayo. In cooking, sometimes a quick decision is the best decision. The combination of grilled chicken, lime and taco seasoning is terrific. It's a regular on my summer menu and will be on yours too.

Everyone loves a good BLT, I know I do. Veronica Morales (Dallas, TX) kicks this basic sandwich up a level by adding, cheddar cheese, avocado, and a spicy mayo to her BLT with Avocado & Spicy Sauce.

The spread is bursting with flavors and really makes this recipe shine. The cilantro and serrano chili are a great combination with a nice kick. Avocado adds a nice creaminess to the BLT. This is one great sandwich!

If you're not familiar with a Monte Christo, bread is dipped in an egg batter, stuffed with ham and cheese and pan or deep fried.

Besides, being delicious, I love that Jean Moore's (Phoenix, AZ) Baked Monte Christo Sandwich is baked and super easy to make. "[These are] perfect for hurry-up meals and easy preparation," says Jean. "Kids love it!" This is a foolproof recipe everyone will love. Some members think it's even better the next day.

Peggy Kriebel (Wilmington, NC) turned a favorite one-pot dinner into a sandwich for her Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches. "This is delicious and my family loves it," exclaims Peggy.

With green peppers, mushrooms, ground beef, cheese and a cheesy sauce sandwiched between French bread, what's not to love?! This seriously tastes just like a beef stroganoff, only on a roll. It's a very easy weeknight meal. You can double or triple this too if you're feeding a crowd. It's so good...

Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, what I love most about a sandwich is that there are endless possibilities. All you need is bread and an imagination. Do you have a go-to sandwich you love? Make sure to share the recipe and make John Montagu very proud. Happy Pinching!

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Blondie Pussycat - Aug 8, 2016
I love my chicken salad! It has fruit in it, and is fabulous on a Cresent roll or ciabatta bun. I'm not sure if I've posted this one (I have at least one chicken salad recipe on JAP.) If I haven't I try to find time ti. It is divine!
=^. .^=
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