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Easy Easter Sweets Your Guests Will Love

Grandma Cookie's Carrot Cake

What's better than ending a lovely Easter, sitting around the table with loved ones and finishing the day with something sweet. There's always room for dessert in my mind and here are a few great Easter dessert recipes.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is seriously one of my favorites. I love it at any holiday. But at Easter, particularly, I think it's a must-have. Cara Roe's (Warsaw, IN) Grandma Cookie's Carrot Cake is a magnificent recipe.

"This recipe came from my mom aka Grandma Cookie," shares Cara. "This is a super moist and tasty cake. It also makes fabulous cupcakes."

Packed with carrots, light and moist with a hint of cinnamon flavor, every bite of this cake is a delight. But what I really can't stop talking about is the cream cheese icing... I could eat it with a spoon.

Have you ever thought about turning carrot cake into a whoopie pie? Pattie Turner (Mount Airy, SC) shared her recipe Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies and it's quite the treat!

"These are really easy to make," says Pattie. "You can also add 1/2 cup of raisins, if you like to the cake ingredients or use walnuts instead of pecans to roll the finished pies in."

I love a recipe that's flexible to suit everyone's taste buds. These whoopie pies are moist, creamy and sure do that carrot cake flavor justice. They're portable too which is great when you're bringing a dessert.

If you're looking to include your kids in your holiday baking, try making a batch of Chris T.'s (East Hampton, NY) Ricotta Cookies for Easter. "This is a soft Italian-style cookie," explains Chris. "You can add almond, lemon extract, zest, or even cinnamon to the cookie dough if you think they may be a bit bland."

Delicately sweet and soft, these cookies are scrumptious just as they are. But adding a bit of lemon extract and zest, like Chris suggests, to the cookie would be fabulous. The ricotta is a great addition to the recipe - it makes the cookie so moist. These are almost too pretty eat!

Or, try Denise Hagar's (Niagra Falls, NY) easy Italian Easter Cookies. "These are traditionally rolled and tied into knots," notes Denise. "But, being pressed for time, I used a teaspoon and gently shaped [them] into an egg."

With pretty pastel sprinkles, Denise's cookies just make you smile and think of spring. The addition of almond extract to the cookie and the glaze gives these simple cookies a lovely flavor. They're delicious!

"I made these for the kids, but the adults took them over," jokes Nettie Perry (Sevierville, TN) about her Mini Easter Baskets. "They are so cute and very yummy."

Nettie takes refrigerated cookie dough, forms it into little baskets and tops with coconut and jelly beans. What a great idea! These darling cookie baskets will be the hit of your Easter celebrations. This recipe could become something you make with the smaller children every year. Simple and adorable.

"Rice pie (along with Ricotta pie) is our family's traditional Easter dessert," shares Jessica S. (Peabody, MA). "Like many Italian desserts, it is simple and not very sweet. The rice settles to the bottom leaving a custard-like layer on top."

I'm a fan of serving old family-favorite recipes on a holiday and after one bite you can tell why this Easter Rice Pie is a favorite in Jessica's family. Light and not too sweet, no one will ever know there's rice in this pie unless you tell them. It's lovely and creamy!

I'm sure any of these recipes will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. What's your favorite Easter dessert? Let us know and share your recipe. Happy Pinching!

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Melanie B - Mar 24, 2016

Janet- can you let us know which recipe is featured in the link I've posted. The photo shows up on the page, but there's no link.
Teresa G - Mar 22, 2016
Technically this is a salad, but I always think of it as more of a dessert. It's always been a part of our Easter meal for as long as I can remember. HEAVENLY PINEAPPLE HASH
Melanie B - Mar 22, 2016
I'll also share this. I made my favorite cake and decorated it with my favorite goodies. Easter Cake
Melanie B - Mar 22, 2016
This is so difficult to find now. I hate that it's not on the side anymore.

I like to make these at Easter and fill them with little jelly beans or chocolates. Coconut Nests