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Hot Dogs Aren't Just for Grilling Anymore!

My Hot Diggity Dog Mac & Cheese

It never fails... I always buy too much of something for my cookouts. This time it was hot dogs. There was a great sale at the supermarket I couldn't pass up.

Not wanting to let them go to waste, I decided to search for different meals that incorporated hot dogs. As usual, Just A Pinch members didn't let me down!

Wanda Lemons' Hot Dog on the Round is a fun recipe. The chili adds just the right texture and flavor to make this one yummy meal. "Me and my sister made this up when we were teens working at a local drive-in," reminisces Wanda. "I still love them today!"

I love these sandwiches because they're easy to make. You can throw them together on a busy day, add them to your cookout menu or even serve them at a tailgate party. So many options!

Chili dogs are always great and Penny R. turned this summer fave into a casserole! "This basic dish can be altered to add any ingredients you like," explains Penny.

Combine four ingredients and you have one quick and easy Chili Dog Casserole. Kids - big and small - will be asking for seconds!

Place Tammy Todd's My Hot Diggity Dog Mac & Cheese on the table and watch it disappear. Really, creamy mac and cheese combined with hot dogs... how can it not be good?

"Made this today as a side dish...," shares Tammy, "But I also make it as a main dish as it is delicious on its own." With a hint of nutmeg, this mac and cheese alone is a delight. Adding the hot dogs makes this one fun dinner.

Cathy LaFay's Uncle Matty's Hot Dogs with Onions is a perfect "in a pinch" dinner idea. "My uncle was famous for making this dish and his neighbors always requested it," shares Cathy.

Onions, garlic and tomatoes become a great sauce for whatever bread you serve these yummy sandwiches on. Cathy mentions this would work with rice or pasta too. I may have to try that next time. This is a great, hearty meal that's easy to prepare.

"A simple, yet delicious, way to prepare your summer favorite," is how Catherine Cappiello Pappas describes her Hot Dogs with Black Beans and Sauerkraut recipe. Delicious is right! There are lots of layers of flavor in this recipe.

The black beans are mixed with onion, garlic and jalapeƱo which pack a pretty big punch. I grilled up the dogs and added a bit of mustard which added even more flavor and a bit of bite. Catherine's recipe is definitely an untraditional way of serving franks and beans. I can't wait to make this again.

Hot dogs aren't typically served at breakfast. But why can't they be! "This is a fun way to have corn dog flavor for breakfast," explains Valkyrie Raehl of her Cheesy Corn-dog Johnnycakes. "And it does taste good with syrup!"

Easy to make and fun to serve, kids are going to love these for breakfast. To be honest, adults will enjoy the treat too. Serve them with or without syrup - they're yummy either way.

Whether you have a few hot dogs left over from the weekend or are looking for an alternative to just grilling them, try one of these unusual hot dog recipes. Or, come up with your own... part of the fun of being in the kitchen is experimenting!

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Carol Junkins - Jul 17, 2015
Pasta Dinner
Here is another recipe using hot dogs !!!!! my daughter's recipe :
Heidi Hoerman - Jul 16, 2015
same with Skillet Corn Dog Casserole. Just click on the picture.
Susan Bickta - Jul 16, 2015
Hello Gladys Wright! If you're looking for the Chili Dog BBQ recipe, just click on the picture...
gladys wright - Jul 15, 2015
Could not find recipe..?
Susan Bickta - Jul 15, 2015
Wow!!! Hot Diggety Dog Mac 'n Cheese sounds awesome, Tammy Todd!! So do all the other hot dog recipes mentioned ....... Hot dogs! One of my favorite meals! I have to share my go-to hot dog recipe: Chili Dog "Barbeque"
Heidi Hoerman - Jul 15, 2015
We were comparing recipes for corn dog casseroles over in the "What's Cooking Today" group a few days ago and I developed a new one made in a skillet that has extra veggies.
Skillet Corn Dog Casserole
Bruce Lambert - Jul 15, 2015
I have hot dogs and beans for breakfast often, once or twice a week....
Mary Becerra - Jul 14, 2015
Hotdogs freeze really well so when there's a sale I stock up and they go right to the freezer!
Tammy T - Jul 14, 2015
Awesome!!! Thank you Janet!! :D