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Is There a Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Dirty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Something crazy happened last week... it snowed! While it was only a few inches, that's a lot for my part of the country. I was snowed in and decided to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

One of my favorite recipes is Nikki Lawrence's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. "My teenager and their friends love these cookies and always request them," says Nikki. If they're teenager approved and called the best they have to be good right?!

Nikki has a secret ingredient in her recipe (shh... it's pudding, but I didn't say a word!) that makes these out of this world. My grandson is a big fan of these too... I had to hide the plate before he ate all of them!

Since then, I've been constantly thinking about chocolate chip cookies and all the fun ingredients you can add to make the perfect kicked-up chocolate chip cookie.

"When I lived in L.A. there was a bakery who made oatmeal pear chocolate chip muffins," shares Lynelle Caldwell. "Over the years, I have worked to turn them into a cookie." Well Lynelle has perfected her Oatmeal Pear Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Pear is an unusual ingredient for a cookie so I was definitely intrigued. It adds such a wonderful moistness to these soft and delicious treats.

You know how I'm no stranger to adding some spirits to my baking, and Amy Jordan's Chocolate Chip Toffee Oatmeal Kahlua Cookies are right up my alley. "These never fail to elicit an 'OMG you should submit this recipe and you'd win something' from someone when I make them," recounts Amy.

Her cookies are jam packed with flavor. Between the chocolate chips, toffee chips, oatmeal and Kahlua, there's a punch of flavor in just every bite. De-lish!!

Next to chocolate chip cookies, I'm a big fan of the chocolate creme filled cookies that are sometimes double stuffed (you know the ones I'm talking about!). Jean Romero and Junia Sonier merged my two favorite cookies into two amazing recipes!

"Don't let the name fool you, there's no dirt in it anywhere," explains Junia of her Dirty Chocolate Chip Cookies. "I named it this because of how [they] looked when it was all finished.

Between the chocolate creme cookies, the brown sugar and chocolate chips, you can be sure that all the cookie monsters in your life will love these!

Jean's Oreo Cookies & Cream Cookies are another must-add to your cookie repertoire. You get bits of chocolate chips combined with chunks of the chocolate cream cookies... my oh my. Right out of the oven these are ooey, gooey good. Get your glass of milk ready. I bet you won't be able to eat just one!

Is there really a perfect chocolate chip cookie? Well, these cookies are pretty close! What's your favorite add-in? Make sure to share your favorite recipe with us.

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Jo Charter - Mar 20, 2015
Okay everyone I did not intend to see these kind of comments, I love thIs site. Be that it may. I dont expect an apology. Forgive me for even mentioning my daughters cookies. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Until next time.
Carol Harpel - Mar 19, 2015
Wow - Larry-Me-Me-K***-M*- ***-CREEP
Are YOU going to apologize for your RUDE ASSUMPTION????????????
I doubt it ------------
Jo Charter - Mar 18, 2015

Larry I am so sorry I disappointed you... I can't post it cause she has not shared it with me yet...
Larry Fowler - Mar 18, 2015
You know, Jo Charter, to go to a recipe site and post "sorry I can't share the recipe" is probably one of the most absurd things I've seen yet on the net.
You are priceless---more than likely the kind of person who would even deliberately leave out an ingredient just to feel superior or something...
Jo Charter - Mar 18, 2015
My grandma and Aunt used vanilla pudding in their cookie recipe for uears its no secret any more. They are the best cookies ever. Thwy both have passed away and mu daughter has now perfected the recipe even more, when she makes a batch they do not last at all gone before you know it. Sorry can't share the recipe....
Blessings to all bakers.
Grace Camp - Mar 18, 2015
maryelizabeth willett - Mar 17, 2015
Haven't tried the cookies yet, but most definitely will. Two inches of snow and you're snowed-in...so funny. We had probably 4 feet in January alone, no snowed-in days for us, lol. Our temperature is still falling well below freezing. Thanks for posting the yummy recipe!
margo masciantoni - Mar 17, 2015
Yum sounds good love chewy choc. chip cookies..Going to make them now have everything I need
Cassie * - Mar 17, 2015
These delicious cookies are by far my favorite! No add ins needed. Yum!

Superb Chocolate Chip Cookies