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Spice up Sunday Dinner with Chili

White Chicken Chili

In the heart of winter, there’s nothing I want more than a comforting bowl of chili. I’m thinking of making Sunday chili night for the rest of winter. With so many different types of chili recipes, I can make a different one each week!

“My husband and I love good chili that is easy to make on short notice,” says Sena Wilson of her My Texas Chili. “This recipe is not too hot for your taste buds, but can be manipulated for those who want more of a punch.” Texas and chili go together like peas and carrots... only in chili form. The classic spices make for a classic Texas chili. We love this and your family will too. If your family likes a chili without beans, then this recipe is for you.

One bite of Kelly Williams’ My Triple Cook-Off Winning Chili, you can tell how much love she’s put into the recipe. She’s mastered the flavor combination and this has fast become a favorite of many on the Crew. This is so good, I’d keep an eye on it while cooking. Your family may sneak a bite or two while this is simmering. It smells delicious!

With just the right amount of heat, Greg Appel’s Chili Simple and Meaty aka: Poncho’s Ancho brings my taste buds back to a chili I enjoyed as a kid. “It has a nice smokey back flavor,” explains Greg. “This recipe does make a large pot and I usually freeze some for later.” With a great blend of spices, this will definitely warm ya up on a cold day.

Monica Valenti’s Sweet and Spicy Chili is so hearty it’s like three meals in one! “Don’t let the long ingredient list scare you off,” says Monica. There are a lot of ingredients in this recipe, but it’s very easy! I encourage you to make this ahead of time—the longer it sits, the better it is. You can easily warm the chili in a Crock Pot when you’re ready to serve it. The flavors combine to make one tasty chili.

With a lighter, more soup-like consistency, Shauna Evans’ White Chicken Chili is a nice alternative to a heavier chili. “This is a savory chili packed with flavor and a little kick,” says Shauna. We used grilled chicken when taste testing this recipe and loved the way it turned out. Serve this with a nice piece of cornbread and you’ll have one wonderful dish!

Love chili, but don’t eat meat? Not to worry, Irana Brookshire has a recipe for you. “This Black and White Bean Chili is a healthy chili,” shares Irana. “It is great for parties and those get-togethers.” This chili is hearty AND healthy... a wonderful way to warm yourself through and through. It’s so big on flavor, even your biggest meat eaters won’t miss the meat.

Beans, no beans, meat, vegetarian, there really is a a chili to satisfy everyone. This weekend, I’ll have a pot simmering on my stove (and some cornbread in my oven!). What will you be cooking?

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