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Cost-Effective Slow Cooker Dinners

Cost-Effective Slow Cooker Dinners

There is one thing, right now, none of us can escape… higher grocery bills. That’s why I love my Crock Pot. I can turn cheaper ingredients into a special meal. These cost-effective slow cooker dinners are great examples of how to get a delicious dinner on the table.

Kelly Kenworthy’s (Baker City, OR) Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas are such a time saver. Put all the ingredients in a slow cooker, turn it on, and forget about it.

“Quick, easy, and everyone in the house loves it,” shares Kelly.

Once cooked, the chicken shreds easily and then goes back into the Crock Pot to mingle with the sauce. Spooned onto the tortillas, it makes really flavorful fajitas.

These will be great if you’re serving a crowd. Set up a fajita bar with the chicken and toppings and let everyone create their own.

Another chicken slow cooker recipe is Barbara Perkins’ (Springfield, MO) Crock Pot Mexicali Chicken.

“There are many ways to serve this,” explains Barbara. “Simply as a chicken breast with the vegetables on rice, or you can shred the chicken and serve it with tortillas for soft tacos.”

A good chicken Crock Pot recipe is essential in a recipe box and this is one of the easiest.

Six ingredients and you have a delicious shredded chicken that can be used for tacos, served over rice, or just eat it alone (it’s that hearty). The chicken just falls apart after being slow cooked.

Cindy Dozier’s (Kansas, OK) Crock Pot Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta is easy and comforting.

“I came up with this recipe [and] my family LOVED it,” Cindy reveals.

The chicken breasts are moist and flavorful from all the seasonings and butter added to the slow cooker. There’s a hint of heat from the Creole seasoning.

Red peppers add a touch of sweetness and crunch while mushrooms give the meal an earthiness. A fantastic and easy pasta dinner your family will love.

Melissa Bickish (Corbin, KY) takes Crock Pot Beef and Mushrooms to the next level.

“I am always looking for ways to spend more time playing with the baby, than over the stove,” says Melissa. “I made this today and my hubby said that it’s one ‘for the book’ which means that he loves it.”

Baby portobellos add great texture to the tender, savory beef. This dish creates its own gravy and is delicious when served over a bed of egg noodles.

“I love slow-cooked cuts of beef, they are very easy to make and come out melt-in-your-mouth tender,” Hanan Hussein (Bothell, WA) shares. “All of my ‘experiments’ so far have turned out tasting good and this one here is one of the best.

Hanan’s Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Pot Roast is a comforting dinner on a cool day.

The beef bottom round roast is full of flavor. There are very subtly sweet and tangy flavors from the honey mustard. I loved the addition of potatoes and mushrooms. They soak up the flavors from the juices.

These cost-effective slow cooker dinners are great if you’re trying to not have an exorbitant grocery bill. Check out our Crock Pot recipe collection for more dinner ideas. Happy Pinching!