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Spring Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Spring Weeknight Dinner Recipes

The weather is finally starting to warm up! At this time of the year, I start to lighten up my meals and I begin to incorporate more fresh ingredients. If you’re ready to put winter behind you, as I am, try one of these spring weeknight dinner recipes. They’re all easy to make on a weeknight.

If you’re looking for a nutritious and tasty salmon dinner, I’ve found your recipe – Kisha Washington’s (Upper Marlboro, MD) Cajun Sauteed Salmon With Rainbow Carrots And Potato.

“A healthy and clean-eating dish,” thinks Kisha and I agree.

I love the Cajun spices added to the salmon. Drizzle the creamy dill sauce over the salmon for another pop of flavor. It reminds me of a tartar sauce but with dill. This baked salmon is easy to make but looks impressive.

If you’re looking to incorporate more fish into your diet, add Tammy Kendell’s (Portland, OR) Lemon Butter Baked Cod to your menu.

“This recipe makes any white fish juicy and delicious,” explains Tammy. “It makes a fantastic meal when served with white jasmine rice and steamed broccoli or asparagus!”

The batter on the cod is light and crisps up in the oven. Paprika adds a touch of color and flavor to the fish. Once baked, the cod is perfectly flaky.

Love lemon but not fish? Then try Monika Rosales’ (Pembroke Pines, FL) Lemon Butter Roasted Chicken.

“What can I say, sometimes I just have to come up with a new chicken recipe,” jokes Monica.

Personally, I’m very happy Monika shared this recipe. This succulent chicken is baked to perfection.

The herbs and lemon mixture permeate through the chicken while baking. As if the zing of garlic and lemon isn’t enough, a small dollop of lemon-flavored butter is put on individual pieces of chicken and just adds to the amazing flavor.

“Super easy and yummy; made them while camping and they were a hit,” shares Paula Collier (Taylorville, IL) of her Asparagus Chicken Wraps.

If you’re not camping, these can easily be baked in the oven.

The sesame ginger marinade really gave this chicken great flavor. Make sure to add it to the chicken while cooking as Paula suggests. It just enhances the great flavor. The asparagus is tender, yet still has a nice crunch.

“Tender, juicy, and full of flavor” is how Donna Graffagnino describes her Foolproof Roasted Pork Tenderloin.

You going to love this roasted pork tenderloin and it’s going to be one of the easiest recipes you’ve ever made.

Juicy and succulent, the roast is filled with the perfect balance of spices. It’s savory with a little heat.

Brighten up your taste buds with any of these spring dinner recipes. If you want more ideas (including side dishes), check out our Fresh Finds recipe collection. It’s filled with fresh and fabulous recipes. Happy Pinching!