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Quick Back-to-School Dinner Recipes

Beef Tips & Gravy

Whether your kids have been back in school for a few weeks or they’re just heading back to the classroom, one thing is common… back to school chaos. Sports practice, late school pick-up, tutoring sessions, etc., running all over the place can get overwhelming. Well, one thing that doesn’t need to be a production is a school-night dinner.

“I used to make this for us a lot because it’s very simple and quick,” reveals Sheri Hansen (Green Valley, AZ). “It’s also yummy and good for finicky kids.”

Her Pepper Steak on Rice is a simple one-pan meal. It’s full of savory flavors with a bit of sweetness from the red pepper and onions. This is not a spicy dish so if you like spice, add a little extra red pepper flake. Serve over white rice for a scrumptious weeknight dinner.

Denise Miles (Auburn, AL) shared her Sausage Skillet Supper that’s fantastic for the days you want to do breakfast for dinner.

“I made little changes to an existing friend’s breakfast skillet meal,” shares Denise. “Hubby says for me to make again.”

When the hubby is requesting a recipe, you know you have a winner. The flavors are spot-on in this skillet. If you like your eggs over easy, just cook them for half the suggested time. I can’t wait to try more add-ins like green peppers or even green chiles. The possibilities are endless and you can really suit this recipe to what your family prefers.

Michaela Boers’ (Copley, OH) Cheesy Italian Ricotta & Beef Pie reminds me of an upside-down pizza.

“My family loves this,” says Michaela. “It’s a great alternative to pasta. Sometimes you just don’t want the same ole pasta recipe!”

I love the cheesiness the cheese layer adds to this casserole. It’s filled with ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and cheddar. So, it’s savory and super cheesy.

Crescent dough, brushed with garlic butter and fresh Parmesan cheese, is an excellent topping. It adds a little crunch to each bite. There are a few steps, but nothing is hard to prepare in this recipe. And, most ingredients you probably have in the kitchen already.

My family loves anything over noodles and Leslie Trythall’s (Palm Bay, FL) Beef Tips and Gravy My Way is a favorite. It’s an incredibly easy dinner to prepare.

The different soups make this dish extra creamy and perfect to serve over rice or pasta. It’s really full of flavor. The meat cooks from frozen and once it simmers in the slow cooker, it’s super tender.

Big chunks of mushrooms and onions are so good in the flavorful sauce. The gravy is very thick, so make sure to stir every so often to keep the sides from burning. Stirring also breaks up the frozen meat a bit.

Let’s not forget about dessert. I always love a sweet treat to end the day and Sheila Devor’s (Towanda, KS) Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispies Treats hit the spot.

“Kids will love them and so will you,” thinks Sheila. Who knew a Rice Krispie treat could be so rich and decadent?

The base is a traditional Rice Krispie treat. But that’s where tradition ends. The treats are topped with creamy peanut butter and chunks of mini peanut butter cups. Milk chocolate drizzled on top is the perfect final touch!

Want more back-to-school ideas? Check out this recipe collection. Even if you’re not managing back-to-school craziness, I think you’ll still enjoy the quick and easy recipes. Happy Pinching!