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Let’s Take a Getaway… To Our Kitchen

Platter of Prisnats

Besides cooking, one of my favorite things is travel. I love to sightsee and enjoy the local cuisine of where I’m visiting. I’ve been itching to take a trip overseas, and for now, that will have to wait for next year. In the meantime, I can whip up dishes in my kitchen in anticipation.

“I was first introduced to this yummy Pannaukkau (Finnish or Swedish Pancake) recipe when I started going out with my husband over 30 years ago,” reveals Ann McCue (Side Lake, MN). “It rises in the oven. When you take it out it falls and has a custard-like consistency!”

You wouldn’t think that six simple ingredients you have in your kitchen already would produce something with such amazing flavor.

They’re sweet and rich. Dust with confectioners’ sugar, drizzle with a touch of syrup or serve with fresh fruit. This pancake would make a wonderful brunch pick or Sunday morning treat.

Paczki is typically eaten prior to Lent, but I like them so much I can eat them year-round. Pat DiMercurio (Saginaw, MI) shared her Busia’s Authentic Polish Paczki and they are fantastic.

“This recipe was handed down from my Busia, (Grandma) to my mom and aunts, then to me and my cousins,” explains Pat. “Now my daughters and son have the recipe to carry on the tradition.”

Paczki is a deep-fried donut that’s filled with jelly or cream. Pat’s family recipe, though, isn’t filled and raisins are added to the dough. It’s different but tasty. I love the sweetness of the raisins. Once fried, these light and fluffy donuts are coated in powdered sugar. Yum!

Another Polish recipe I enjoy is Lisa Pekala’s (Valparaiso, IN) Polish Vegetable Salad.

“This authentic Polish salad is known all over Poland as a staple dish in every household,” says Lisa. “It is served cold as a side to almost any meal. It is great with burgers, hot dogs, Polish sausage, or even schnitzel.”

This is a great side to go along with a burger or any grilled meat. Carrots and apples add a nice crunch to this jazzed-up potato salad. I used dill pickles and loved the distinct dill taste. A sour cream and mayo dressing make this salad super creamy. It’s unusual and quite tasty.

“My mother’s side of the family is from Croatia,” Stacy Hutchinson (Lincoln, CA) reveals. “This bread is a family favorite that has been made for many generations.”

Stacy’s Prisnats are delicious. I loved the onions cooked with the bacon. It gives a sweet flavor to the onion and richness to the savory bread. They’re moist and creamy, like a hearty quiche. This Croatian dish would be great for brunch or a dinner appetizer.

“My great-grandparents immigrated from Lithuania in the early 20th century and brought with them this potato recipe that I have been eating my whole life,” shares Jamie Burris (Fayetteville, AR). “My grandfather actually had to teach my grandmother to make it, who in turn taught my mother and my mother taught me. Definitely an heirloom recipe.”

Jamie’s Kugelis are so good. This creamy, delicious dish is part casserole, part hash brown. With the can’t-miss combo of potato, bacon, and onion, this Kugelis has a wonderful flavor.

Enjoy this as a side dish or main course. Serve with a little applesauce or some sour cream. Sprinkling more bacon on top would be tasty too.

I’m really hoping by next year I’ll be able to easily plan an international trip. Based on the recipes I chose, maybe Poland should be on my list!

If you want to explore more cuisine from around the world, check out our Tastes of the World collection. It’s filled with tasty recipes. Happy Pinching!