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Fresh Corn Recipes That Make Tasty Side Dishes

corn fritters on a plate

We’re not all lucky enough to have fields to grow fresh corn, but thankfully it’s abundant at the market. And while zucchini is one of the most popular summer veggies (even though it’s technically a fruit), I really think corn on the cob ranks at the top. I look forward to enjoying it each summer.

In the Test Kitchen, we shared three ways to enjoy grilled corn on the cob which you should check out – it included grilling steps and three types of toppings (like Garlic Parmesan and Cilantro Lime butter). I like grilling corn because it’s easy and adds a smoky flavor.

Another easy way to prepare corn is in the pressure cooker. They’ve come a long way from the stovetop ones we used to use. Deb Baldwin’s (Blanchard, ID) Pressure Cooker Corn on the Cob makes cooking corn seriously simple.

Deb’s sister suggested she cook the corn in the pressure cooker and it was a great idea. “I made it and it was wonderful,” shared Deb. “She explained that by adding a little butter (as an option) it infuses the butter into the corn.”

The ears of corn cook in water and butter. The buttery flavor permeates through the kernels. Crisp and juicy, just slather a bit of extra butter (if you want) plus a hint of salt and you have corn perfection.

“Every summer I look forward to the fresh vegetables, especially okra and silver queen corn,” reveals Cathy Tate (High Point, NC). “I experiment with different ways to use these ingredients to give some variety to our meals and this is one of my all-time favorites.”

If you don’t already love okra, you will after you try Cathy’s Falling in Love with Okra and Corn recipe. I like my okra with a slight crunch, and that’s exactly what this side delivers. The half-and-half adds a nice creaminess that coats each kernel… makes the dish rich.

“Summertime finds me with an overabundance of corn,” explains Christine Hadden (Whitman, MA). “This Summer Roasted Corn Salad is a refreshing change to the same old same.”

I thoroughly enjoy Christine’s salad. It’s filled with corn, sliced zucchini, and fresh basil. A tiny bit of balsamic vinegar adds a touch of tartness. It’s so good, I could eat bowls of it.

Another delicious salad is Amelia Schaffner’s (Atlanta, GA) Roasted Shrimp, Corn, Orzo, Lemon, and Parsley Salad.

“I made this recipe for my volunteering group and it was gone in a pinch,” says Amelia. “If you prefer, you can grill the shrimp and corn on an outdoor grill for a more smoky flavor.”

This is such a light, flavorful recipe. I LOVE the addition of orzo. I used a little less basil than called for and it turned out great, so feel free to adjust as you see fit – this recipe is so good it can handle it. Thanks to the orzo and shrimp, this could also be a light summer dinner.

Definitely make these New York Style Corn Fritters when you get your hand on a few ears of corn. Anthony Nicometi Jr.’s (Cheektowaga, NY) recipe is fantastic.

“Ever since I had the corn fritters at the restaurant I interned at, I’ve been hooked,” reveals Anthony. “I dipped mine in some soy sauce, but I think they would be better with some teriyaki sauce or a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.”

Made with simple ingredients, these fritters are very flavorful. Once fried, outside they’re nice and crisp but the inside remains soft. We drizzled a little balsamic reduction on top and it was excellent. These went fast in the Test Kitchen and they will go quick in your kitchen too.

When at the market, pick up a few ears of corn and try these tasty side dishes. They’re summertime on a plate. What’s your favorite way to enjoy fresh corn? Tell us in the comments and Happy Pinching!