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Kicked Up Hot Dog and Hamburger Recipes To Enjoy All Summer Long

Wiggins Hot Dog Chili

Hamburgers and hot dogs are a summer staple. When have you attended a BBQ and not been asked hamburger or hot dog when it came time for eating? After a while, though, options might get boring. Well, I’ve found some full-flavored hamburger and hot dog recipes your family won’t get tired of this summer.

Grilling hot dogs is easy and tasty. But take hot dogs to another level with Dave T.’s Wiggins Hot Dog Chili. “This is my version of the famous Wiggins Drive Inn hot dog chili, from Huntington WV,” shares Dave. “It is my go-to sauce, my favorite, and the one I have shared with more people than any other.”

This hot dog chili is full of flavor and has a nice little bite to it. It takes a while for the chili to cook down and for the flavors to mingle but it is well worth the wait. Another thing I really love about this is blending it to a nice smooth consistency. It’s great to smother hot dog in, but I think you’ll be finding other ways to serve this (like on french fries!).

Hosting a crowd and want to prepare a dish ahead of time? Sandra McGrath’s (Harrisville, RI) Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut and Cheese is the perfect recipe.

“Makes serving easier if you make the hot dogs ahead,” explains Sandra. “Then heat the cheese and sauerkraut topped dogs altogether.”

This recipe makes feeding a crowd so much easier! Serve this at a cookout, game night or to a group of hungry teenagers and watch them disappear. Hot dogs and sauerkraut are a classic combination. But add cheese, a bit of onion and celery salt… it takes ordinary hot dogs to a new level.

If the weather isn’t cooperating for grilling, but you’ve got a package of hot dogs you must use, try Barbara Lentz’s (Beulah, MI) Pepperoni Pizza Dogs. “My grandkids love these and they are fast and easy to make,” says Barbara.

These pepperoni pizza rolls really are tasty. It has all of the flavors of pepperoni pizza wrapped in crescent rolls. Personally, I love finding ways to stuff ingredients inside of crescent dough.

Want to make the Juiciest Hamburgers Ever? Try Thedford Byrum’s (Atoka, TN) burger recipe.

“For you guys who like to grill, this one is for you,” thinks Thedford. “This is so easy and so simple. If you are a hamburger lover, like my family and I are, you will love this.”

Get creative and mix up different seasonings in your meat. This technique is terrific and can carry an array of flavors.

Mary R. Morris (Western Grove, AR) made these and shared, “Frankly they are the best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten.” Connie Ottman’s (Orlando, FL) guests thought, “it was the best burger he ever ate.” With those reviews, these burgers are a must-try.

“I made these with love and the family loves this recipe,” says Jasmin Stewart-Harbin of her Stuffed Green Chilies Burger. There are definitely many layers of flavor in these burgers.

The cumin and garlic in the meat add so much flavor. The cilantro/lime/ranch dressing is delicious too. Green chilies and french fried onions add some crunchiness to the mix making this a really delicious burger.

“I made these flavorful Monterey Jack Stuffed Mexican Hamburgers With Guacamole Topping with just the right amount of bite last night,” reveals Lora Di’G (Staten Island, NY). “My husband couldn’t stop saying how great these were… and I agree.”

Like Jasmin, Lori added cumin to her burger. The cumin flavor, along with the guacamole topping, gives them a Mexican flare. Monterey jack cheese stuffed in the middle is a delicious surprise as you bite into the burger. Make sure to have some napkins handy.

When that summertime craving hits, try one of these recipes. They’ll satisfy your taste buds, I guarantee. Happy Pinching!