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Satisfying Soup Recipes to Warm Your Belly

Connie's Country Soup

It’s been cold. Actually, I’m not sure cold is the right word. Frigid may be more appropriate. While the temperature typically dips where I live in the winter, this is abnormal. And from watching the weather report, it seems most of the country is in the same cold boat as me. Snow in Florida?! Which means… it’s soup weather!

When it gets cold I love to make homemade soup. They’re easy to make, cost effective and are just comforting. A hearty bowl of soup is the exact dinner I want on a cold night. Here are a few fantastic soup recipes that’ll warm your belly.

“This is one of my favorites from my sweet mom,” shares Matthew Peterson (San Antonio, TX). “If you’re down or not feeling well this soup will cure what ails you.”

Matthew’s mom knew how to make soup! Her Pasta Fagiole Soup recipe is warm, delicious and full of flavor. I love the tip on having the pasta on the side so it doesn’t get soggy. The seasoning amount in the dish is just perfect – the tomato base, Italian seasoning and the pepper flakes for a kick.

Julie Penman’s (Salt Lake City, UT) Buffalo Style Chicken and Rice Soup is super hearty. It has more of a chili consistency to me and is delicious. “It’s a cross between Buffalo chicken chili and vegetable and wild rice soup,” thinks Julie. “This healthy and hearty soup combines the same great flavors of Frank’s brand hot wings served with carrots and celery with blue cheese dressing.”

Julie’s soup is a great recipe if you’re looking to make something for the big game. It has all the Buffalo flavor but less guilty than traditional Buffalo wings. It makes a ton, so great for a crowd or if you want leftovers.

“This is so great when the weather is chilly,” says Deni Elwood (The Villages, FL) about her Best Ever Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. “My whole family loves this soup.”

A long simmer time is the key to this soup. You could simmer for two hours… I tasted it then and it was great. But after the additional time, the flavors just blended together even more. The soup’s a bit spicy, yet all the flavors shine through.

The Test Kitchen smelled wonderful while Beth Streeter’s (Easton, PA) Winter Minestrone was simmering. “My eight-year-old daughter who hates healthy food loves this soup,” jokes Beth. “It’s inexpensive to make and freezes wonderfully!”

There’s a slight saltiness from the ham and Parmesan cheese rind and a sweetness from the carrot. Beth calls for wheat berries in her recipe. Wheat berries are typically ground to make whole wheat flour. In their whole form, they add nuttiness to a dish and soften while the soup simmers. They can be hard to find and barley is a great substitute. It may thicken up the soup a bit so add more chicken stock if necessary.

“I came up with this recipe yesterday as I had a lot of milk about to go sour on me and I like to put it to good use before that happens,” explains Connie Brannen (Live Oak, FL). “I really really liked this soup so I named it Connie’s Country Soup.”

You know what… I liked it too! This easy to make soup is fantastic. There are so many delicious layers of flavor. From the saltiness of the bacon to the sweet flavor of the carrots, you cannot go wrong serving this soup for family and friends.

Any of these soups will warm your family up on a cold night. If these recipes aren’t tickling your taste buds, then take a look at our Soup’s on! recipe collection. It’s packed with delicious soup recipes. Happy Pinching!