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Who Says Potato Salad Has to be Boring?

Middle Eastern Style Potato Salad

How many times have you gone to a barbecue and not been excited to add a scoop of potato salad to your plate? The number one thing I hear is that next to the other tantalizing options, it’s boring. But why does it have to be?

These potato salad recipes will show you it can shine brightly at your Labor Day cookout and not be just another side.

Use zucchini you have from the garden and try Hidemi Walsh’s (Plainfield, IN) Maple Bacon Potato Salad. “[This is a] potato salad with zucchini and crispy bacon,” explains Hidemi. “Since bacon and maple syrup are a great match, I added a little bit of maple syrup for the dressing.”

The subtle maple flavor adds a sweet, rich accent to the tasty taters and salty bacon. Lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and capers add a punch of flavor and some tang. A bit sweet, a bit savory and oh so good.

With lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, chicken and more, a cobb salad is packed with tons of goodies. Linda Bonwill (Englewood, FL) turned this classic restaurant favorite into a stellar potato salad.

“I have been making potato salad for years and the dressing has always been the same… delicious,” shares Linda. “If I have something great, I want to make it better.”

Linda’s Cobb Potato Salad dressing is great. It’s creamy and tangy, just what it should be. But the toppings are what makes this delish. It’s literally everything you love about a cobb salad mixed with potatoes. Nancy Bachmann (Medford, OR) thinks “[it’s] the best I’ve ever eaten and my son agreed.” With a review like that, I think this will be a popular dish at your cookout.

“This Polish Vegetable Salad is served cold as a side to almost any meal,” says Lisa Pekala (Schererville, IN). “I make this salad a couple times a month.” Lisa’s potato salad is so good, this may become a staple recipe beyond cookout season.

It’s a great side with a burger or hot dog. The carrots and apple add a nice crunch. I used dill pickles and loved the distinct dill taste. The sour cream and mayo make this salad super creamy!

Kathy W.’s (Englewood, OH) Middle Eastern Style Potato Salad is different because it’s not creamy. A game changer for guests who aren’t fans of a mayo based potato salad. She uses olive oil and a touch of lemon juice to coat her taters.

It’s light, tart and not traditional. Kalamata olives, parsley, and green onions all add to the wonderful flavor. Kathy gives the choice of including Feta cheese and I highly recommend adding that. It adds a bit of creaminess to the potato salad.

If you love dill pickles, give Paul Bushay’s (Mesa, AZ) Esther’s (My Mom) Potato Salad a whirl at your next bbq. “This is a recipe from boyhood,” reminisces Paul. “My brothers and I would always ask for this when we had picnics or backyard barbecues.”

I never prepared potato salad this way before trying Paul’s recipe. It was quite a pleasant surprise! The dill adds a freshness to the dish that the crew and I really loved. Pick up some dill pickle relish the next time you’re at the store (it’s right next to the sweet relish) and give this one a try.

These amazing potato salad recipes are anything but boring. Serve them at your Labor Day cookout and I guarantee when you’re clearing the table there won’t be a spoonful left. Happy Pinching!