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Add a Boost of Flavor to Baked Beans

Spicy Apple Baked Beans

Baked beans are a staple side dish at my summer cookouts. I have a traditional recipe that my family loves, but lately I’ve been trying to switch things up a bit. I think these baked bean recipes may be just what I’m looking for.

Every parent knows, it can be hard to please the taste buds of everyone at the table. But, it seems like Cindy Ferguson does just that with her Spicy Apple Baked Beans. “One of my three teenage sons loves all things apple – he’s not a big bean fan though,” says Cindy. “The other two sons love baked beans … with this yummy twist I satisfied all three of them.” Who knew that sausage and apples in baked beans would be so good?! The spicy/sweet combination in this recipe is divine. Add this to your menu and it’ll be a big hit.

Shay Driver’s Bunkhouse Beans are killer and the perfect pick for your next picnic. “The wonderful part of this recipe is that it is so effortless,” says Shay. I love that these are made in a crock pot. We used Kielbasa and wouldn’t have changed a thing. Delish!

Danielle Lorton’s Bourbon Baked Beans are a different take on your everyday baked beans. “I know the ingredients may seem a little odd, but these are sooo good,” says Danielle. These would be great alongside any cut of meat you happen to be serving. The addition of coffee and bourbon really adds a nice punch of flavor.

“I personally LOVE baked beans… many are tasty but just average,” says Tracy Joyner. “I have found that adding fresh onion and green pepper makes just about anything taste better and baked beans are definitely no exception.” Honorary Kitchen Crew member Helene Mulvihill tested Tracy’s BBQ Baked Beans – My Way recipe and would agree.

This dish smelled so good that Helene’s family was lining up at the stove with forks waiting for these to come out of the oven. Helene added a seeded and diced jalapeno to the beans and it gave them a slight kick. A perfect recipe to spice up your meal!

“For those of you who are used to all the ketchup and additions to baked beans, you will be surprised the intense flavor you get from this recipe,” says Michelle Koletar/Mertz about her Baked Beans Aldine Hotel Style. “This is a very old and popular recipe from my hometown of Sunbury, PA.”

What a terrific, simple side dish! We love the sweet edge of these easy beans. Traditionally I add brown sugar and mustard to my recipe, so this was definitely new for me. Your guests won’t be able to get enough of these!

“My family and friends will ask me to bring my baked beans to our get togethers,” shares Laura Huffman. The barbecue sauce, ketchup and garlic powder give Laura’s Baked Beans with Bacon great flavor. Or, it could be the bacon on top … bacon makes everything better! A perfect addition to your next cookout.

As I’ve been doing research, I came across so many variations on baked beans. I hope you try one of these great recipes at your next cookout. Let us know how you enjoy them!