6 Oh-So-Delicious Dessert Dumplings

dessert dumplings

From easy crescent roll shortcuts to Grandma’s old-fashioned recipe, these dessert dumplings are oh-so-delicious! The buttery goodness of the dumplings pairs perfectly with the sweet, fruity filling and sauces. Apple dumplings, blackberry dumplings, and sweet potato dumplings are some of our favorite dessert ideas. Plus, top these dessert dumplings with vanilla ice cream for perfection!

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Homemade Apple Dumplings

“These are the only apple dumplings I’ve ever made, they’re so good. The crust is so very soft. The sauce that’s poured over the dumplings before baking and then after it’s baked is just delicious. Everything about this is pretty much perfect as far as we’re concerned.” – Bunny’s Warm Oven
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Blackberry Dumplings

“This dessert is superb on a nice fall night with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can’t go wrong with this. This makes a nice amount, a real crowd-pleaser!” – Michelle
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Cider Basted Apple Dumplings

“This recipe is a version of my husband’s Mom-mom Bessie’s recipe. She made the BEST apple dumplings. Of course, she had no measurements and just ‘dumped’ the ingredients. I was lucky enough to have spent a few days with her in her kitchen to learn how she made some of her wonderful dishes. These apple dumplings are the closest I could get to hers. I use cider to make the simple syrup to baste the dumplings but have already made the syrup by adding the apple parings to the boiling syrup and let it boil for about 4-5 minutes, cool, then strain before pouring over the dumplings.” – Susan
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Baked Apple & Cranberries With Dumplings

“Gala apples were getting old, and I craved a dessert, so I cored, peeled and chopped them, and combined them in a casserole with fresh cranberries. Warm desserts are so satisfying in October! Using what I had and not wishing to make a very sweet pudding, I used honey and a small amount of cinnamon and sugar. For texture, I added chopped walnuts and made dumplings with a packaged mix. My husband remarked that ‘it was very good.’ Now that’s a welcome comment!” – Beth
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Sweet Potato Dumplings

“These sweet potato dumplings are are a great appetizer to make year-round, but are especially perfect to make around the holidays.” – Callie
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Apple Dumplings

“Serve this with vanilla ice cream. This recipe could very easily be made for a diabetic, using Diet Sprite and Splenda.” – Laura