The Ice Cream Cone: Great Minds Think Alike

An ice cream cone is a cylindrical object resembling an upside-down triangle that is hollow in the center. Placing a scoop of ice cream on top of it makes ice cream a portable, lickable treat loved by all.

There is something distinct and very nostalgic about getting your ice cream in a cone versus a cup. It brings back fond memories of long hot summer days, and visits to your local fair. In fact, it was at the 1904 St. Louis Fair that one version of the ice cream cone, the waffle cone, was born.

One of the ice cream vendors there had ice cream so popular that he ran out of cups early in the day. The ice cream vendor just so happened to be right next to Ernest A. Hamwi, a Syrian man who was selling a traditional dish known as zalabia. Zalabia is a thin, crisp waffle like desserts. Hamwi rolled his pastry into a cone shape while it was still hot and as soon as it cooled and steady and delicious enough to set ice cream on, the ice cream cone was born!

He wasn't the only one to think that ice cream should go on a cone. Just a year before the fair, in December 1903, an Italian man residing in New York City, Italo Marchiony, was granted a patent for the ice cream cone.

He may have patented it, but St. Louis did a better job immediately capitalizing on the invention. Hamwi founded the Cornucopia Waffle Company. Another St. Louis resident, Stephen Sullivan also capitalized on the invention founding his own “cornucopia” (aka ice cream cone) company. Meanwhile, Marchiony of New York focused more on molded cones derived from a batter that was poured into a mold then baked.

While there may be a debate on who invented them, we can all agree on one thing - ice cream cones are delicious! Take our poll and tell us what your favorite ice cream cone is.


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