Other Non-Edible Recipes

Icky Mishy Recipe

Icky Mishy

Rachel Hubbard
By Rachel Hubbard

Don't let the name fool ya!! Before my husband and I got married a year and...

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Valarie Northup
By Valarie Northup

It is Stephanies Birthday today and we wish her a Great day!!Thanks for all the wonderful...

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My Two Golden Retrievers Recipe

My Two Golden Retrievers

Brenda Downey
By Brenda Downey

I just wanted to share some pictures of our two lovable Golden Retrievers. Our girl Goldie...

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Roach Extermination Formula Recipe

Roach Extermination Formula

annie Melton
By annie Melton

I found this recipe in an old Heloise Helpful Hints in the library.I am not putting...

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Sweet  Smell Of Christmas Recipe

Sweet Smell Of Christmas

Doris Ware
By Doris Ware

Want Your Home To Smell Like Christmas? Put On A Crock Pot This! Go's Good With...

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Roach Extermination Formular Recipe

Roach Extermination Formular

annie Melton
By annie Melton

I found this Roach Extermination Formula in a Heloise Helpful Hints book at the library.There is...

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South Western Cooking Recipe

South Western Cooking

JoSele Swopes
By JoSele Swopes

This picture is from Santa Fe, red chili Ristras, we use them for decoration and or...

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Measurements... Recipe


Carole F
By Carole F

Ever question a recipe when it calls for ounces of something verses cups, etc. Here...

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Edible Forest Garden Recipe

Edible Forest Garden

JoSele Swopes
By JoSele Swopes

This group is designed for people that seek the natural side of life. To bring...

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Clay dough Recipe

Clay dough

Jerri Thomas
By Jerri Thomas

A fun thing to make with the kids or grandkids. I've even tried it with Kool-Aid...

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Holiday Fun Dough Recipe

Holiday Fun Dough

Brandi Kirkpatrick
By Brandi Kirkpatrick

This is a fun non-edible recipe that I have seen used in daycare centers and it's...

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