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Chicken and Garden Pepper Soup

Chicken And Garden Pepper Soup

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By RC :)
It's almost November and there are still a lot of peppers in the garden. ...
My brother's favorite. It's simple, quick, fun and delicious!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

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By Tara Waites
My brother is a serious chicken lover. He wouldn't even eat pizza with his kids ...

Sweet & Sour Chicken With Veggies

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By Deb Baldwin
Good sweet and sour chicken recipe that I tweaked for our taste. Serve over rice.
so FEIN.

Feiny's Turbo Chesapeake Bay Pepper Chicken Salad

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By Adam Feinberg
Quick, easy, healthy, and Feintastic Salad.
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Grandma Vinion's Canned Peppers In Red Sauce

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By Megan Todd
So now I post my grandma's pepper recipe. I remember years of coming home from ...
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Grandma Grumney's Canned Italian Hot Pepper Rings

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By Megan Todd
This is a very lovely recipe that my husband's grandmother gave to me to add ...
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Pam's Creamy Orange Gazpacho

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By Pam Ellingson
I had all the usual soups in mind when I heard the challenge to make ...
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