#Spelt Recipes

It's hard to eat just one of these tasty muffins!

Super-moist carrot-pinapple muffins

We use the carrot leftovers from our juice machine to make this recipe. They are ...

Found this image on the web. Imagine this with all those yummy veggies and that simple dressing!

Sprouted Grain Salad

I'm trying to use up my bountiful pantry, and thought I'd see how sprouted grains ...

Spelt Raisin & Molasses Muffins

A delicious fall treat for the morning..served best with hot strong coffee!

Chocolate Spelt Cake

This is a delicious and healthy dessert. Normally, spelt flour is used in breads, ...

Golden Corn Kernels Honey Cornbread

The Lord gave me this cornbread recipe which is my favorite oven cornbread! I just ...